Weekend in Tybee

My final Bachelorette Weekend for the year was this past weekend in Tybee Island, GA. This was the third one this year! We had a blast, Mary is one of my best friends (we have known each other from the day we were born!) and I cannot wait to celebrate her wedding! She is getting married on my 30th birthday, but there is no one else I'd rather share that day with!
With the beautiful bride!
Our house "The Pink House" how appropriate!
me & Anna Ross
We tie dyed tank tops!
We went to a drag show at Club One, um it was hilarious! If you are ever in Savannah you have to go!
Now the rest of wedding season round 2 begins... 2 weddings, some showers and parties!


It has been 4 MONTHS.

Has it really been 4 months since I posted? I will have to say there is a very good reason for that. Bottom line: we need a new computer. My blogger doesn't display correctly because the browser is so old, and my computer is so old it won't support the newest version! argh. Brice and I are going to try and give each other a new computer for Christmas, so maybe after the first of the year this will be on a more regular basis (at least I hope so!)
If you follow me on Instagram (@ashleybrooke83) that is where I post mostly everything. It's just so easy to post a picture and not have to write much to go along with it! I don't even upload facebook pictures as much.
I just wanted to give a little update on why I have failed as a blogger and most everyone has probably removed me from their reading list! And I can honestly say, I don't even read blogs that much. I'll go through maybe once a week and catch up on some of my favorites but that is about it. Anyways, here are some updates on the life of Brooke:
-We still live in Charleston
-We are still looking for a house (the housing market sucks here)
-It's been a summer full of weddings & bachelorette parties
-I still want a dog... REALLY BAD
That's about it! :) Not much has changed!
This weekend I'll be heading to Georgia to celebrate one of my oldest (we met as babies) and best friends, Mary! This weekend is her bachelorette party.
Also, today is my sister in law's birthday! Happy Birthday, Alli!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Spring? Is it really Easter?

Spring... WHERE ARE YOU?! You came in January and then you left again. It is March... it's time to come back. How about the fact that it's also Easter weekend and we still have brown grass. This is just ridiculous.
However, I still plan to wear Lilly. I will just have to put a sweater on and deal with my cold, pasty legs. yuck.
In other news... I got a haircut! It feels awesome. We cut a couple of inches off and got a little side bang going. Let's be honest, as much as I love long hair my hair is not made to be long. That is what extensions are for.
I also just purchased this little dress that I am in love with! I have a wedding at the end of April and I think this will be just perfect.
How cute is that bow?! I'll definitely need a spray tan. You can buy this dress HERE Only $39, shipping was $5 and I had it in 3 days.  Awesome! This dress also comes in solid colors and they have a sleeveless top with the bow in the back. I want them all.
Oh, I almost forgot I have some new fav products.
New favorite lipgloss! NYX Butter Gloss in Eclair 
Only $5.99 at Ulta.
This has replaced my Too Faced glamour gloss ($19). It goes on so smooth and it isn't sticky. Love LOVE! I need to go get more colors.
This stuff is awesome. It's SO good for you and you can use it for so many different things! I use it as a moisturizer (yes, face and body), lip balm, cuticle cream, eye makeup remover,and you can even use it for cooking. I put a little bit in my oatmeal this morning and it gave a nice little subtle coconut flavor that I loved! (It's a metabolism booster - yes!) Oh, and it can even be used on your hair for deep conditioning. This is a miracle product. Check out this article on Lululemon.
So ready to be home this weekend to see my family and this precious little face
Sweet Sophie Annabella!
Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!


ATL weekend in review

This past weekend we went to Atlanta to celebrate Brice's 30th birthday! It was also his dad's birthday on March 10th (he and Carrie share the same b-day) so we had a joint celebration!
It was great having a 3 day weekend. We used Friday, Brice's actual birthday, to do a couple things I've never been able to do in Atlanta. We first had lunch at The Varsity
I'm pretty sure if I lived in Atlanta I'd get a frosted orange AT LEAST once a week. AT LEAST.
We then headed to the World of Coca-Cola where I learned about the history and well, most importantly got to sit on the couch where Carrie sat on American Idol in the red room!
CARRIE SAT THERE. How creepy am I??
Oh, found a pic!
We went to Capital Grille Friday night. It was delicious! They gave us complimentary champagne and a every girl gets a rose. How nice! But here's a tip... SPLIT YOUR MEAL. We were miserably stuffed and I had what I felt like most of my meal left on my plate. But you seriously have to get the lobster mac n cheese. AMAZING!
Saturday we had our "surprise" birthday party for Brice and his dad. They had no clue what we had planned. First of all... I made this button for Brice to wear :)
When he was a baby he was like a little block. His mom called him "sturdy". HA! But seriously, wasn't he such a little cutie?!
We got mexican food for dinner and gave them their tickets to go to the Fox to see The Million Dollar Quartet. It's a broadway musical with Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins & Johnny Cash. It was really good! I highly recommend it.

Happy Birthday Brice!


I'm Tired of Being Cold!

I am so over winter. OVER IT. I'm tired of being cold, pale, wanting to hibernate, no motivation to work out, dry skin, runny nose, cough, dead trees, no pretty flowers, brown grass... ugh. I am so so so ready for SPRING! I want 70-80 degree temps, flowers, birds, sundresses, tan skin (even if it has to start out from a bottle) green grass - I am even ready for some pollen dangit! Ok maybe not... but when that starts it just lets me know that spring is here!
The daily or multiple daily e-mails that Lilly Pulitzer sends me doesn't help either. I've already picked out a couple of my favs:

The Julianna Dress (I love how it looks like two pieces)
 Or really anything from Lilly. If the Lilly Pulitzer corporate office was in Charleston... you bet I'd have a job there. Bright happy colors every single day!

Pinterest doesn't help either... check out this cocktail, sounds so refreshing!

Blend chilled watermelon with coconut water, fresh lime, and mint. Yum!

 A few pins I've drooled over...

Also... some J Crew finds. Did anyone else know that J Crew Outlet is online? I didn't know this, so happy to now know about this!

These neon pink 3" chino shorts are at the top of my list. (They are so much brighter in person)

I also am in love with the aqua

Best part? They are currently on sale for $27.50 - just in time for spring!

I have to stop looking at all of this! Hurry up spring!!


We were 7 miles from Honey Boo Boo

The past couple of weeks have been filled with ups and downs. We are still currently house hunting and it couldn't be more stressful. As soon as you get your hopes up and think you have found "the one"... BAM. Someone slides in with a cash money offer and steals all your little hopes and dreams right out from under you. At least that is what it seems like! I just keep trying to tell myself "The right one will come along, and when it does you will be so happy that you didn't get any of the other ones!"

Continuing to say prayers!

In the meantime... 

I made Sophie two new pretty little outfits!

Maybe I should start a doggie clothing line? Already planning the rest of her spring wardrobe :)

We had an engagement party for Colleen & Eric

Found out we are in the Harborside East ad in Charleston Weddings Magazine... (!!) Not big or anything but still fun nonetheless.

For Valentine's Day, Brice got me a gun! Huge surprise since we don't even really do gifts for Valentine's Day. Not something I had even asked for but I knew I wanted to learn how to shoot. (Don't worry... I'm not going to kill any animals, just shoot clay pidgeons and targets!)

The fact that it was pink just made my day :)

It also came in handy since we were leaving the next day to go to Georgia for an engagement party. It was out in the country (as a matter of fact it was 7 miles from Honey Boo Boo - I kid you not)

I had fun shooting my gun! It is both a shot gun and a rifle, I enjoyed the rifle more because it wasn't so loud and powerful. I just need to get used to the shot gun.

We had a great weekend with friends even though it was FA-REEZING outside!

Amanda & me

Jeff & Brice

Little Creek

The girls

The whole gang! (minus Amanda & Jeff)

I don't know why this always happens... but it does. It needs to stop.

I came home with a sore throat, stopped up nose, coughing, sneezing, headache, cold chills & a temperature. I guess it was all in the name of fun! 


Nashville Trip!

Nashville is one awesome city! We had such a great trip and I didn't even get to see everything I wanted to see. You really need about 4 days. First off, the flight from Charleston to Nashville is a PIECE OF CAKE! I couldn't even get through my new mag before we were landing. And the other plus? We got drinks and snacks on our flight anyways!
I'd also like to add a tidbit to anyone going through the Charleston airport... BEWARE of hair extensions... those little metal clips set off that darn metal detector and the lady had to pat me down... I mean really, like I could hide something in my HAIR! Then, my little tire pressure checker made them search my entire purse. Awful. Seriously, I am glad they are concerned and it makes me feel safe... but people, do I look like much of a threat?! Anyways... I got through it after taking off my coat, boots, scarf, stacks of bracelets, earrings... the worst is flying in the winter. Too many layers to remove.
We took a what is supposed to be a family oriented boat cruise through the Grand Ole Opry Hotel and turned it into a booze cruise... that's about right...
The Grand Ole Opry! I imagined it different. I guess less "70's looking" The Gospel Awards were being held so it was closed... we couldn't tour. :(
Inside the Grand Ole Opry Hotel... we just visited for a bit since it was next door to the Grand Ole Opry. This place is GINORMOUS! No joke, it's like a Vegas hotel. No, I haven't been to Vegas, but this is what I imagine them to be like.
Carrie!! Right up front!

 Anna and I insisted on getting our Si cups from Bass Pro Shops! Love us some Duck Dynasty!
Posing with Elvis. I thought this was some famous statue or something... nope, they are everywhere on Broadway!
Broadway!! Love LOVE this place

Saturday night was the first hockey game... Carrie was in there! So close yet so far away!!!
We sang at Lonnie's but I didn't get any pics really! We definitely all 4 sang "Pontoon"!
We had dinner Sunday night at Whiskey Kitchen. It was delicious! We heard it's a hot spot for seeing some celebs... however, we saw none. Of course. Because that is my luck.

Sunday we toured the Ryman! Ahhh this place gave me chills, it was awesome. We got to take the backstage tour and go in the dressing rooms but weren't allowed to take pictures in there. Such an awesome place, so much history!
View from the stage!!
Dolly Parton wore this when she was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry!
 Johnny & June! Their outfits from June's first appearance on the Johnny Cash Show!
In fact... here is a video of it!

I can't wait to go back... I've requested that for my 30th birthday :) We will see if it happens!