All Settled In!

I finally got everything moved into my new place. This calls for a big celebration because I don't have to worry about moving again, well... at LEAST for a year! It was really stressing me out. I still have a few odds & ends to get done, some random boxes in my room and some empty walls in my room I'm trying to decide how to fill. Today I finally got my cable & internet hooked up. I felt like I was living in the dark ages without it... miserable! My phone battery kept dying because I had to use it for the internet, which is cool when you need to check e-mail or one little thing. But when ALL DAY you're using your phone for the internet... it can get slow and obnoxious.  Anyways... I thought I'd include some little pictures of my place so far! I love it, so happy to have all of my stuff back out of storage!


  1. I LOVE IT BROOKE!!! I miss you!!!!!! So glad you are happy and all settled in.

  2. Aww it looks great!!! I am sure you are loving the weather. I can't wait to come visit. I am going home this weekend. I am going to check out the new house and I will have to take some photos. Dad and Erik are already talking about knocking down walls and building things. haha! Should be a fun time :P MISS YOU!