Hate moving... LOVE decorating!

The closer I get to move in day the more stressed I get. Every single time I move! I don't know what it is... just the fact that I have SO much stuff to move, how heavy it is, hoping I have room for everything. It's just a pain. I'm sure I will pass out quick that night! However, with moving comes a new place to decorate! So that is a very positive and exciting thing to think about! Of course I'm still using everything I have before just updating a few ends and outs. I am getting a new couch that I love! It has a very modern look to it, but not too modern. A lot of "modern" decor is very uncomfortable looking. But this couch has the soft suede feel to it and you sink right in when you sit down! Also, it makes out into a queen bed so I can accommodate guests on the weekend. (Primarily my parents I am sure!)

Here is what my couch looks like:

I also decided I would like some new pillows, and possibly some new place mats as well. I LOVE... seriously, LOVE Amy Butler fabric. You can make clothes, purses, pillows, really anything from it. She also carries lines of stationary, wrapping paper, bedding, rugs... anything you can think of! I wish I could just decorate my whole place in it. Question is.. WHICH FABRIC?! Maybe I'll just combine a few! 

Is it really weird that I've already started looking at the floor plans and deciding where I'm going to put everything?! I REALLY can't wait to get my espresso/cappuccino maker and Teavana tea maker out of storage! I'm so excited I can go get some tea from Teavana downtown (we don't have a Teavana in Columbia) and I have already started eyeing the coffee selection at Whole Foods.  The Fresh Market was my favorite place to buy coffee in Columbia... Whole Foods has a lot to live up to! :)

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  1. I need to bring my sewing machine to Charleston and spend a few days! haha!