I love my job!

Well, I've just completed my first two full days of work! Yesterday, I really just helped the event planner get some signage together for the "Best of Charleston" party on Wednesday night. (Which I'm excited about! Free food & drinks!! woo hoo!) Everyone was so friendly and helpful as I was learning about everything. I just happened to start my job during THE MOST stressful time of the year. "Best of". I did have fun reading the little list of winners today, before the issue is out on Wednesday. Today (Tuesday) I helped our web designer update certain sections for the best of on the web. Check them out here on Wednesday, March 10!

So far, I absolutely LOVE my job. I really cannot complain, I got off at 4:15 today and will get off early most Tuesdays, I have off tomorrow (and every Wednesday), get to go to the Best of Charleston party tomorrow night, and come in late to work on Thursday! Not too shabby! It also didn't hurt that it was a nice 75 degrees today, I took the long drive home...down Coleman to Sullivan's Island and over to Isle of Palms. I just love driving over the water! That's really all I need... just move my office to the water, and I'd be set.

I miss Sophie! :(

So now, I'm back to living by myself. It's fun, yet there are certain things I realize that I miss. Well, first of all I'm living out of a suitcase until I move into my apartment... ahhhh everything I pull out to wear has to be ironed. I miss having a nice dinner prepared for me every night! Last night, I almost ate peanut butter & jelly, but decided to go get a little salad from the grocery store and ate an orange with it. Haven't figured out tonight yet. It's also weird not having anyone to talk to or having Sophie shove tennis balls on me! BUT... I cannot complain with where I am staying. I'm in love with this condo! I sure am going to miss this big HD flatscreen tv. This is on my list of "wants that I cannot afford".  I also am obsessed with the granite counters, and the big leaf fans in EVERY room! I miss mine at home! :( I love beach decor. Oh! But look at this really cute cocktail the lady that owns the condo left for me. It's red wine & dutch chocolate... yes! Two of my favorites!

As amazing as this place is, I really can't wait to get all of my stuff out of storage and into my own place. Ready to get Friday over with... moving isn't so much fun! 

Another nice note... Brice just got a new job!! YAY! He will be working downtown on East Bay, right down the street from me! We can pack little picnic lunches and eat at Waterfront park or in the battery. I might not want to go back to work though! I am so happy for him for getting this!


  1. Brooke, I absolutely love your blog. "Shrimp and Glitz" is THE cutest name!