Sometimes I wish I was a photographer...

Today when I got home I realized how nice out it was, and hated being inside! So I remembered... I wanted to take some pictures of Shem Creek behind my apartment, but it has been rainy the past couple of days. So now was the perfect time! It was about 6:30 so the lighting was great. (I love daylight savings time!) I got a couple of pictures. I only wish the sun set right over the creek, wouldn't that be picturesque?! Instead it was behind the trees. Here are some that I captured.

I grabbed my 55-200mm lens to zoom into this shot of Shem Creek. You can see the lighthouse at the landing, the marina, shrimp boats, and the bridge to the very far right!

Sometimes when I'm sitting inside the office during the day I realize I should have taken photography classes. I love being outside, especially on warm and sunny spring days! Meanwhile I'll just read about it online, and take pictures in my spare time for fun! Maybe one day I'll be good enough to make some side money from it.

On my way back inside I found this pretty rose (I think this is a type of rose?) growing. Of course... I took a picture of it. :)  Tomorrow I don't have to work and I have a hair appt. downtown. I'm going to try and take my camera so after I can go on a little walk! Not for long though, I have to make it back to the pool to start working on my tan!!

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  1. Hey Brooke! It is Jaime on Marisa's page. Trying to blog for her! haha Love the photos!!