A few of my favorites!

Sometimes when I find something new that I like, I have a tendency to get, well, pretty obsessive over it! Some things I just obsess over for years... others come and go in phases. Here are a few things I'm currently/have been obsessing over:

Tyler Candles I have the Tyler candle in "Diva", this is what the description says: A warm and complex fragrance overflowing with delicious fruits and rich florals. Rich aromatic chocolate and amber complete this luscious blend! It smells sooo good!!!

OPI nail polish in "My chihuahua bites me!" - First of all, I love the name! It makes me laugh! Originally "Cajun Shrimp" was always my go to, it was a bright coral. Last summer I loved "Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It" which is very much like Cajun Shrimp but with more red tones. This summer I have found this new fun color! It reminds me of my favorite color from high school Maybelline's "Mango Mango". It's a pinky coral. It makes you look really tan!!

Chocovine - I was given a bottle of this and have fallen in love! Apparently it's red wine and dutch chocolate, first of all two of my favorites... chocolate and red wine! But it doesn't taste like wine, it tastes exactly like a chocolate martini! Just shake it up with some ice and pour it in a martini glass... HEAVEN!!

Pure Beech Sateen Sheets - One word: Heaven! These sheets are the most comfortable sheets in the world! I really don't think I will ever buy another kind. They are made from modal, a high-strength fiber regenerated from the Beechwood trees of Europe.

Ray Ban Aviators -  Brice got me a pair of Ray Ban aviators for our anniversary this weekend! They are the "cockpit" style. I love aviators b/c they are so classic, they never go out of style! 

Paul Mitchell "Moisture" products - I have blonde hair, so it gets damaged very easily between coloring, hair dryer, straightener, the sun.. etc. I had a rough day, so that calls for a trip to Ulta! Even if I just get a new nail polish color, or lip gloss I am completely cheered up. I'd also had a rough hair week... so I looked at some of the hair products. I found this set by Paul Mitchell. They were smaller travel sizes so I thought it would be great to try, if I didn't like it I wasn't stuck with a whole bottle. It was only $12, and I got the Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo, Instant Moisture Daily Treatment, and the Awapuhi Moisture Mist (which can also be used on your skin!). I'll have to say that within a week I could completely tell a difference. I am addicted to this line of products! And it only takes a tiny bit, so it lasts a long time!

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Luminous Self-Tanner - I'm trying to not tan as much as I used to, no tanning beds, and only laying out in the sun during the summer. I just bought this new self tanner the other day, I'm in love with it! Two days and I can already tell a huge difference, and I don't look orange! It has a built in bronzer, so you immediately look darker. It gives a nice glow, and has a hint of shimmer!
The September Issue - If you love The Devil Wears Prada you will love this movie! It's a behind the scenes look at what all goes into creating Vogue's largest issue of the year, the September issue. Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief, has always been known as a TOUGH person to work for, which is who The Devil Wears Prada was based off of. I find her not to be that way... she is very straight forward, knows exactly what she wants and expects a lot from her colleagues, but at the same time she is very nice, and I think she would be a great boss. Watching this movie really makes me realize that my job isn't so bad... these people make Vogue their life, they eat, sleep and breathe Vogue. I'm sure the work schedule of their September issue is much worse than our "Best of Charleston" issue! :)

That's all I've got for now! I'm pretty sure I'll find more things to obsess over soon!! :)


The Amazing Packing Race!

Recently I celebrated my 2 year anniversary of my Amazing Race experience with my friend Marisa! I cannot believe it has already been 2 years, time flies! I reminisced on all of the fun times and friends that I made. Really, they are like my second family even though we don't see or talk to each other everyday. We know we can always count on each other if we ever need anything. I thought about how hilarious the night before we left was. Marisa came over to my house and we were going through our backpacks, making sure we had everything. I eliminated a few little items I thought I could live without. Marisa on the other hand pretty much eliminated an entire 2nd backpack. haha! She packed hair volumizer, Gucci perfume, a hair straightener, hairspray, tons of makeup... I don't know what else but it looked like she thought we were going to be staying in five star hotels every night! Along the way I made mental notes on what I would do differently if I got the chance to do it again. So here is my list!

water bladder - we went through so many bottles of water, it would have been so much easier to fill up this big pack! Also, it doesn't take up as much room as a water bottle.
sleeping bag - We had to sleep on the hard, cold, sidewalk in Bolivia. I layered blankets and snuggled up to Marisa, I was SO jealous of the smart teams that brought sleeping bags! (You can get sleeping bags that roll up very tiny!)

Woolite packets - You can get pretty smelly while racing! These travel size Woolite packets are perfect for washing clothes (especially underwear!) when you are fortunate enough to be staying in a hotel!
 • Fast drying underwear - They may not be Victoria's Secret, but you will be glad you got these panties! They are made of mainly nylon, so you can wash them (with your Woolite of course) before you go to sleep and when you wake up they will be completely dry! I did not know about these, and was stuck drying mine with a hairdryer (when you get a hotel that has one!)
Small backpack - Marisa and I were pretty clueless when it came to backpacking. I did the only thing I knew to do and went to The Backpacker and sneakily ask a guy what kind of backpack I should get. I wasn't able to tell him where I would be going. (Obviously, b/c I didn't even know!) He chose an Eagle Creek pack. It was a great pack, my friends Jaime & Erik went backpacking in Europe and had the same ones! However, the Amazing Race is a completely different experience! I would suggest getting a pack around this size... if you pack items that can be compacted very small you don't need the large one anyways!
Girls: easy on the makeup! - This is the Amazing Race, not a red carpet event. You won't look bad on tv, I looked awful in person but I seemed to not look as bad on tv! That made me very happy! All you need is some powder, mascara (waterproof), and lipgloss. I honestly got to the point where I didn't care what I looked like anymore, all I cared about was water, food & sleep!

Those are just a few of the things I can think of right now. You really just need to know how to pack light, while also packing for ALL weather conditions!  Happy Racing! :)


Ups & Downs!

Lately I've been getting pretty frustrated with my work schedule... I feel like sometimes it owns my life! I work Mondays late, Tuesdays I get out {hopefully} around 3:30, Wednesdays I have off, Thursday & Friday typically until 6 or so, and then I have to come in on Saturdays for about 4 hours. Well, last week I had my entire day planned: Eating lunch with Brice at Waterfront Park, walking around downtown taking pictures, and then back to lay out by the pool, read my book, wash my car and do laundry! Well... I got a lovely call from work while eating lunch that they needed me to come in. UGHHH!!!! NOOO!!! This was my day off! I was not a very happy camper. Not to mention I did have to go to work on Sunday (I almost had to work Saturday too!) But with my crazy job schedule comes some fun perks as well!

I got free tickets to the Family Circle Cup for last Thursday night! It was my first pro tennis tournament! I had so much fun, I know I'll have even more fun when I learn more about tennis. Brice tried to explain the scoring to me. It's really weird, but I guess I got it. Maybe it's a new sport I need to try, the girls had amazing leg muscles! Good ones, not big butch ones.  Not to mention they get to wear really cute outfits! :)

Last Thursday I got a text from Brice, he was SO excited, he told me the Blue Angels were in town and he was outside watching them practice. I told him I didn't know who the Blue Angels were, and he thought that was ridiculous... "everyone knows who the Blue Angels are"... not me! Thats a guy thing. Anyways for those of you who do not know, the Blue Angels are the United States Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron. So Saturday we went to see their show. They are INSANE! They fly SO close together you think they are going to hit each other. The whole time I felt like I was watching Tom Cruise in Top Gun! I wish I had "Danger Zone" playing as the background music... my life would have been complete! Seriously, they need to start playing this in the background for the audience. I wonder if they have nicknames like "Maverick", "Ice Man", & "Goose"! haha! Here are some pictures of them:

If you are ever near by when they are performing, you have to see them! You can look up videos on YouTube too. But nothing beats the experience of being there!

Saturday night we all went out for one of my best friends birthdays! Haley lives in Greenville but came down for the weekend to celebrate with us! We had so much fun, as we always do! I can't wait for us to all have another weekend together! I wish Hay lived here with us all :( Maybe one day!

Haley is good friends with the manager at Fish, a really good restaurant in downtown Charleston. With knowing people comes FREE STUFF. My personal favorite :) Brice and I didn't eat there, but we got there just in time! I got a free cocktail, it consisted of Chambord, champagne, and ginger! It was SO good! In addition, we all split 3 different desserts! I do not know the names of them, but they were delicious! I could have eaten all of it by myself!

I had a great ending to such a crazy week, nice little rewards! Also, I may be getting free tickets to the My Morning Jacket concert at Family Circle Stadium next week! :)  We're sponsors so hopefully floor tickets??? :) Fingers crossed!