Ups & Downs!

Lately I've been getting pretty frustrated with my work schedule... I feel like sometimes it owns my life! I work Mondays late, Tuesdays I get out {hopefully} around 3:30, Wednesdays I have off, Thursday & Friday typically until 6 or so, and then I have to come in on Saturdays for about 4 hours. Well, last week I had my entire day planned: Eating lunch with Brice at Waterfront Park, walking around downtown taking pictures, and then back to lay out by the pool, read my book, wash my car and do laundry! Well... I got a lovely call from work while eating lunch that they needed me to come in. UGHHH!!!! NOOO!!! This was my day off! I was not a very happy camper. Not to mention I did have to go to work on Sunday (I almost had to work Saturday too!) But with my crazy job schedule comes some fun perks as well!

I got free tickets to the Family Circle Cup for last Thursday night! It was my first pro tennis tournament! I had so much fun, I know I'll have even more fun when I learn more about tennis. Brice tried to explain the scoring to me. It's really weird, but I guess I got it. Maybe it's a new sport I need to try, the girls had amazing leg muscles! Good ones, not big butch ones.  Not to mention they get to wear really cute outfits! :)

Last Thursday I got a text from Brice, he was SO excited, he told me the Blue Angels were in town and he was outside watching them practice. I told him I didn't know who the Blue Angels were, and he thought that was ridiculous... "everyone knows who the Blue Angels are"... not me! Thats a guy thing. Anyways for those of you who do not know, the Blue Angels are the United States Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron. So Saturday we went to see their show. They are INSANE! They fly SO close together you think they are going to hit each other. The whole time I felt like I was watching Tom Cruise in Top Gun! I wish I had "Danger Zone" playing as the background music... my life would have been complete! Seriously, they need to start playing this in the background for the audience. I wonder if they have nicknames like "Maverick", "Ice Man", & "Goose"! haha! Here are some pictures of them:

If you are ever near by when they are performing, you have to see them! You can look up videos on YouTube too. But nothing beats the experience of being there!

Saturday night we all went out for one of my best friends birthdays! Haley lives in Greenville but came down for the weekend to celebrate with us! We had so much fun, as we always do! I can't wait for us to all have another weekend together! I wish Hay lived here with us all :( Maybe one day!

Haley is good friends with the manager at Fish, a really good restaurant in downtown Charleston. With knowing people comes FREE STUFF. My personal favorite :) Brice and I didn't eat there, but we got there just in time! I got a free cocktail, it consisted of Chambord, champagne, and ginger! It was SO good! In addition, we all split 3 different desserts! I do not know the names of them, but they were delicious! I could have eaten all of it by myself!

I had a great ending to such a crazy week, nice little rewards! Also, I may be getting free tickets to the My Morning Jacket concert at Family Circle Stadium next week! :)  We're sponsors so hopefully floor tickets??? :) Fingers crossed!


  1. See everything worked out and you had a good week. Minus working every day you managed to put a little fun in! I love you!! Hope the little things in life keep making you happy!

  2. We went to see the Blue Angels too and I made the same comment about them playing Top Gun music. I may steal a pic to put on my blog because my camera died right before they started. :(

  3. aww brooke, i just found your blog! so cute! i didn't know who the blue angels were until last weekend either :)