Giveaways Galore!

If there's one thing you must know about me, it's that I LOVE free stuff! I have only recently found out about how many fabulous giveaways there are on blogs. One of my best friends, Jaime, is pretty much addicted to them (sorry Jaim... you are!) But I don't blame her, if my work didn't own half of my life I probably would enter more myself! Especially when they have such awesome brands like Lilly Pulitzer (I die!). It isn't every day that you can splurge on a $300 + dress! At least, I can't. I thought I'd share some cute giveaways that are currently going on.

Happy Anniversary to Village Palm! This month, Village Palm is celebrating a one year anniversary. This lovely specialty boutique is located in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. This week, in honor of Village Palm's anniversary, there will be a giveaway on Maryland Pink and Green Monday through Thursday. Here are a few of the items that some lucky winners will recieve (hopefully ME!) 

Lilly Pulitzer mini round umbrella from LeSportsac. It's a perfect size to put in smallest purse or tote.  How cute! I might actually look forward to rainy days if I had one of these umbrellas! Retail is $25, so if I don't win... this is a possible future purchase. Ok... GUARANTEED purchase :)

One lucky winner will receive a Murfee scarf in Purrfect Paradise Lilly's Pink! AHH I MUST have this! This scarf is worth $115. This is an AMAZING giveaway!

A new item will be placed each day this week, remember... if you enter, tell them I referred you! :)


  1. Hehehe! And you are hooked on the giveaways!! :) Love it. I just posted another Lilly one.. you are going to kill me. But its so cute. PS- I will try to even out my giveaway blogs with blogs of "substance." haha!!

  2. I discovered your blog via Fried Pink Tomato (There she is above! :) ). You Southern girls have such great taste and adorable blogs. I'm from the North, but heart Lilly pulitzer, too!

    Thanks for posting about the giveaways. Going to go check them out right now.

    Oh, I'm Cool Gal and a new follower!