Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Scarf Giveaway!

I am in love with these scarfs! This is such a great giveaway! Check out this super cute blog,  Pink Preppy Lilly Lover to enter! :)


  1. brooke - i'm so jealous of your blog header. my blog is atrocious and it needs major help. did you make it yourself? i'm about to get desperate and pay someone to redo my blog bc its hideous!!

  2. Yep, I made my header in InDesign and transfered it to Photoshop and saved as a jpeg for web. My background I got on shabbyblogs.com also, cutestblogontheblock.com has some great backgrounds!

  3. I LOVE THIS!! :) So cute. PS check my blog. I gave you another "blog award."