We have a winner!

First of all... who all is watching American Idol right now? {TEAM LEE!} Is it just me or does Janet Jackson sound creepily like Michael?? I've never noticed it as much as I did just now! Ok so on to the monogrammed frame winner! duh duh duh....

First of all I'd like to apologize for my hideous handwriting! I gashed open my knuckle tonight trying to grate some cheese, and can't bend it. :( I really should be at the emergency room getting stitches right now, but I'm too stubborn and cannot miss IDOL! I also had to finish cooking my dinner which I will blog about in a minute b/c it was delish! Anyways... the winner goes to... Sadie's Momma! Congratulations! If you will email me at ashleybrooke83@gmail.com, I can get the initial you would like along with your shipping information. :)


  1. No way!!! I'm SO EXCITED!!! :o) Thanks, Brooke (and Brooke's Mommy!!!) I'm emailing you right now!

    YIPPEE. :)

  2. Guess what, I am having a blog makeover! You are going to LOVE my new header. I am SOOO EXCITED!!

  3. YAY! I can't wait to see it!! When will it be completed?