Bloggers Block?!

Sorry I've been somewhat MIA lately... I've had a serious case of bloggers block, and nothing too eventful to write about! :( Until.... THIS WEEK! So far, this week has been great! We ended the weekend/began a new week with a day on Sullivan's Island. I don't think there is possibly anything better than a day of relaxing on the beach!

I was already looking forward to Monday, because I knew I'd FINALLY get to see Jaime's cute baby bump! Brice and I had a nice dinner at Five Loaves Cafe downtown with Jaime, Erik, Sarah & Hunter! I love it when we can all get together, because it doesn't happen as often as it used to!

Tuesday night we had a City Paper party at the Riverdogs game to celebrate our being DONE with Spoleto! YAY! I can finally have my normal schedule back, not that it is really all that normal... but at least I know I won't be working late hours anymore. This was my first Riverdogs game believe it or not. Bill Murray lives in Charleston and owns the Riverdogs, they are a minor league team that feeds into the Yankees (BOO!) As if being a minor league team for the Yankees wasn't enough to make me pull against them, they also were playing one of the Atlanta Braves minor league teams, the Rome Braves. So of course, Brice and I had to root for them! Unfortunately they lost :( Oh well... maybe next time! We had a great time though, especially since we had a suite with free food & beer! It really made me miss going to a Braves game in Atlanta though. Brice took me last summer and we had an absolute blast! I wish we were closer so we could go more often! Not sure we will make it this year!

The view outside of our suite was gorgeous!

Today I was my day off so I had a nice beach day with my friend Vicki who is here for the summer. On my way there I decided to make a pit stop to Target to grab some more of my Senseo coffee pods. What happens when I go to Target? I peruse through the clothing/shoe section! I was a little disappointed in their selection, I typically enjoy bright colors in the summer and most of theirs were dull/dark. I did however find this super cute smocked romper that was on sale for $18! I love it so much I want to go get another one in a different color! FYI.. {It looks so much better in person, and with a tan!}
When I got home this afternoon I had another nice little surprise... my Cid Pear stationary!! I won the Kitchen Bellecious giveaway, and chatted Tuesday with a nice lady from the company about which stationary I would like. I chose the Island Shell, and I absolutely LOVE it! First of all... let me just say that when I opened the box it was filled with peanuts, which I hate, but these peanuts were pink! Which made me smile :) 

Then I picked up a smaller package that was wrapped in pink tissue paper, and they had thrown in this cute set of small note cards and regualar note cards designed by Tina Givens. They are all so precious and for different occasions!

Then I pulled out THIS... aka... cutest wrapping in the world! 

and this nice handwritten note was attached, how nice of them!

and here is my stationary! I love it... they even had my return address printed on the envelopes.

Hopefully the rest of my week will be as wonderful as the first half! I have a feeling it will be, hope everyone has a great week too!


  1. What a great win! I love the stationery!! I love the romper too! Target had some cute sundresses earlier in the spring and I got a couple. Great pictures...your dress is beautiful!

  2. What a wonderful week. I love the beach and wished I lived close.

    Anything having to do with the Yankees, I'd root against, too. :) Hehe...

    Your romper is just adorable. Don't you just "heart" Target? They really do have a lot of cute clothes (I bought a great t-shirt for $8.00 the other day!).

    The stationary you won in the giveaway is beautiful. Your name on the front is a great touch. I love the pattern and the envelopes! I think I need to check them out asap. I am really hurting in that department!

    Have a great day! :)

  3. Brookie that stationery turned out great!! Also, I've noticed you are looking exceptionally toned/skinny lately...so jeal! Can you beach on Saturday now that you are back to semi-normal hours??

  4. I love your new personalized notecards and your "extra surprise" with the other notecards...you know how I am about paper products...especially personalized. Too cute! Don't forget I have that romper pattern that I hope to sew up in the next week or so!

  5. wow what absolutely fabulous stationary! I love it! Love that purple dress as well