The Eclipse Premiere!

I made a last minute decision today to purchase a ticket for the midnight showing of Eclipse, the third movie in the Twilight series (In case you live in a cave and didn't know that) with Amanda & Mary. I am definitely not a "Twihard" like my friend Amanda is (visit her blog, here!) but I do love the movies! I haven't read the books, so everything is brand new and exciting with each new film! I think one of the most exciting parts about tonight is that I can experience Amanda's crazy fanatic obsession first hand. I've never been able to experience this, because I've only recently been in Charleston and typically have just waited for the movies to come out at Blockbuster.

Speaking of obsessions... it reminds me of a convo Amanda, Kira, Mary and I had at Juanita Greenburg's Friday night! We've all got our weird obsessions that none of the others quite understand, but have realized that it's better to just let them be than joke and make fun of them. For Amanda it is Twilight, and her love for Edward Cullen & well, just vampires in general! Kira has a new obsession with silly bands (yes.. the little plastic animal shaped bracelets every 10 year old has stacked on their arm) as well as Zac Efron. (I must note here, the obsession started while he was in High School Musical and looked a lot younger than he does now! :) Mary's got a love for crazy color nail polishes (she wore lime green to match her green dress this weekend) while I love my Jessica's... that's the HairDo Jessica Simpson & Ken Paves hair extensions and lipgloss... I'm steady reapplying! Let's take a quick look at how amazing hair extensions are:

You can wear them in a side bun:

You can wear them just all down

In a side pony
Or half up!

I even decided to wear the straight ones for the cover of Spartanburg Magazine... haha!


Anyways... getting back to what I really am supposed to be writing about... Eclipse!! We met at Starbucks across the street at 9pm to get a caffeine fix and scope out the scene. We set up our chairs on the 2nd row, woohoo! We strategically placed them so there was a nice "hole" with no ones head in the way, and just close enough to the first row so no one could squeeze their  chair in! Here we are! We were a lot more excited than we look I promise!

We had 2.5 hours to sit and wait, while texting with friends to keep up with the Carolina baseball score. Side note: WE WON!! NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! :) We noticed some lightening off to the side... I do NOT do lightening. It got closer... closer... right when the previews started BAM... downpour! We hightailed it to the cars to grab our umbrellas, already soaked but thought "this won't last long, we'll sit it out soaking wet and wait!"

It cleared up a few minutes later, but then started POURING again... this time worse with more lightening and rain. I finally decided at 12:30 I better just get a rain check and go home, I'd be exhausted at work today! So that I did... I went home looking like a wet rat, at 1 am, and not even seeing any of Eclipse. :( Hopefully I can make it to the showing tonight with Amanda... I'm dying to see it! So close... yet so far away!


  1. Hahaha!!! OOOO the lipgloss application... Gotta love it. And our country music star hair!! I miss our Thursday nights!

  2. I am a twihard and I want to marry Edward Cullen in my next...err.. life.

  3. haha, "i'm steady reapplying." i love it! ugh so jealous of her lime green nail polish. i have yet to buy some.

  4. HAHAH great blog post. Everyone needs to accept my vamp obsession! I love/hate the rain pics!!!

  5. I kinda want to see it too but I dont know one single person who wants to see it too :O(

  6. I'd just like to thank you for calling me out on my Zac crush. I'm still on the hunt for red, white, and blue silly bands for the weekend! I asked tonight at Bed Bath and Beyond and she said, "I don't know, look on the steps with all the other kid stuff." :(

  7. hahah you're welcome kiki! You and your "ice" made it into my newest post :)

  8. Brooke I just wrote a blog about my cupcake obsession!! Check it out You will die laughing about the lip gloss we use to love in highschool!

  9. Brooke - what length was your hair when you were able to start wearing the extensions? I love them and I want to be able to, also, but my hair is super short right now and Im thinking about hopping on the "grow it out train" - and I'm assuming they're pretty easy and fool-proof to wear? they look great on you