This weekend was super exciting. South Carolina is in the college World Series and as if that wasn't exciting enough we have made it to the finals! First of all, the weekend got off to a great start Friday night. A group of us went to Moe's (not to be confused with what I call "welcome to Moe's!") to watch the Carolina vs. Clemsucks Clemson game. WE WON by the way... and I believe Clemson hadn't lost a game during the whole series yet. Oh, until US! Next thing you know we are dominating again, sending them back to the farm on Saturday! woohoo! I could not be happier! Unless I was actually IN Omaha right now.

Let's put up a second pic... just for the fun of it!

Saturday was a GREAT day, simply because Brice came back home from Rosemary Beach! It's crazy how much you can miss someone when they are only gone for a couple of days! It just feels like a lifetime when you know you can't see them. We go days at a time and it's not that big of a deal, but when I know I can't just drive over and see him it makes it worse! However, I know he had a great time! Hopefully I'll be able to go next year. This year I don't have any vacation time with my job. We tried our hardest to go out Saturday night, but I think we were both tired and couldn't keep up with my crazy friends... pictured here:

Sunday was a great beach day! We went out to Sullivan's at our usual spot, Station 30. It was SO windy though, so we didn't stay the entire day like we typically do. Last time I went out there I rescued a starfish on the beach! It was such a good feeling knowing a saved a little life, big or small it just made me feel good! So we went for another walk this time to see if I could find anymore.  No such luck at rescuing any little creatures this time, but I did find a sand dollar! (He was not alive though) I saved him and brought him back here, I'm going to bleach him white and find somewhere fun to keep him!

Sunday night we decided to go to one of our favorite spots and have some cocktails. Brice and I met at Red's and even introduced our parents to each other there too! Red's is on Shem Creek and it is beautiful! We love to sit on the top porch and watch all of the boats (and point out which ones we will definitely have one day!) and dolphins... I love dolphins!

Had to get a pic in front of the beautiful sunset!


  1. The pic of you guys with the sunset in the back is soo frameworthy!!! Barbie and Ken!

  2. Love Shem Creek!! Great pictures!