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I love a great deal!

 Have you ever heard of a Groupon? Probably... I'm pretty sure I'm the last one to join in on this new fiasco. I just signed up and it seems pretty amazing! I love a great deal. With Groupon, you fill out your email address, gender, age and location then they will use that information to find deals in your area that you may like, such as restaurants, spas, concert/theater tickets, theme parks, hotels, etc. The deals are discounts such as "$25 off with a purchase of at least $50" for a certain restaurant in your area. They email you one a day, and the best part? it's FREE! Click here if you'd like to sign up for FREE and help me earn Groupon bucks!

Who's Bad?

Have any of you ever heard of the band Who's Bad? If you haven't you must look them up and go to their next show closest to you. They are a Michael Jackson cover band and they travel all over the world, they are amazing! My friends and I are huge fans, and several of my friends have been following them for a long time and have made friends with them! (Except "Michael" he's kinda a diva). So this weekend we decided to have everyone over at my friend Kira's house to have a pre party, with Michael Jackson music as the soundtrack of course!

  We had a blast, my friend Amanda and I decided to make up our own special cocktail. It consisted of 3 Olives Vodka Berry, Pomegranate Blueberry juice, soda water & a splash of lime! Success! We decided to call it the "PYT" (Pretty Young Thing) which if you are not familiar (why aren't you?!) It is a Michael Jackson song.

Posing with our drinks

Kira had to wear her traditional fedora, to be in true MJ style of course. It was a hit all night, and everyone had to have their MJ moment in it!

The concert was great, they play all of the best Michael Jackson hits from the Jackson 5's "ABC" to "Black or White". They even dance the Thriller dance... I REALLY want to learn this! So at the next concert, I can bust a move :)

Of course their was our traditional dance on stage to "The Way You Make Me Feel" (this photo doesn't show everyone... we filled up the whole stage!)

If you ever see Who's Bad coming to your area you have to go see them... you will not be disappointed! If you live in the Charleston area, they come every year to the Windjammer. They travel world wide now though and usually only make it about once a year. They are ammaaaazinggg ::singing::.


Can you handle the cuteness??

I've haven't had such a great week this week, without going into detail I've been filled with stress and unhappiness. But, anytime I have weeks like this I always know certain things that will cheer me up!

Starbucks iced coffee!

My crazy friends!!

My sweet Brice :)
My wonderful parents [I just enjoy the old photos! Yes, that is me in the middle!]

Cupcakes [Sprinkles pictured here!]

My dog Sophie!

[baby sophie!]

Speaking of cute animals... I found some pictures that will cheer you up on ANY day! And if they don't, you may need to see a doctor because something is WRONG with you! I would gladly own ALL of these. I think I made the wrong career choice, I should have gone to Veterinarian School :(

I can't take the cuteness anymore! I have such a love for animals, I wish I could just be like Noah and have a huge ark and two of each animal :) Except the scary ones of course! 

I'm very glad tomorrow is Friday... finally this week can be OVER!  I hate wishing weeks away, I feel like you should treasure each day because you never know when it may just be your last. But sometimes I just can't help it! Here's to a great weekend and start of a brand new week! (Even though I will miss my Bricey tons this weekend while he is in Atlanta!)

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up" -Galatians 6:9

Kai Giveaway!

Cool Gal at It's the World I Know is hosting an amazing giveaway! She is going to give away a Kai perfume oil and body polish. What is Kai? It's a new fragrance infused with jasmine & gardenia that is very popular among celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon & Jennifer Garner. (All of my favorites!) I must try this! (or even better WIN this!!) I'm keeping my fingers crossed, good luck to everyone who enters!


Amazing Giveaway!

Sweet Southern Prep is hosting an amazing giveaway, she is going to give out not one but TWO items! The first winner will receive their pick of the following two Patty Anderson Jewelry pieces. I think I've found a new favorite jewelry designer! I love anything beachy, especially starfish!

Starfish Candy Belt! (Sterling Silver)

 Beach Star Earrings

The second place winner will receive a box of these Lilly Pulitzer animal crackers!! How precious! I was not even aware these existed. I don't think I'd be able to eat them, I'd just display them somewhere in my kitchen! ha!

You have until July 28th to enter, so hurry! And don't forget to mention that you heard about it from my blog! :)


Where will I be in 10 years?

 Cool Gal over at It's The World I Know gave me the "You're Going Places" award! Thank you so much!! Everyone please go check out her blog when you get the chance!  Since I have received this award I am supposed to say where I think I will be in 10 years and then pass it onto 10 blogs. I'm copying Cool Gal and only passing it onto 5 since I just passed on 10 blogs for another award last week!

In 10 years I will be 36 going on 37. Woah. More like going on 40... at least I'm sure that's what I'll feel like! Kind of like right now I feel more like I'm on a downward slope towards 30. Where did the 20's go?! Hopefully in 10 years I will be married with a baby or two.. or three.. I guess it just depends on when I get married! But I would like to be done having kids by the time I'm 40. Anywho... I also hope to be very happy with  my job. I feel like it's been a constant struggle ever since I've been out of college. First I had a job in Columbia but I REALLY wanted to be in Charleston... so I traveled here every single weekend. Now that I'm here I have to work on weekends and so I hardly have any time to visit friends or family or really just get a break and go somewhere without having to battle it out. So hopefully I will finally be at that point where I'm happy with my career, maybe even just work for myself. I'd love to just operate an etsy store. If I could do that for a living, I'd be one happy girl! Besides family and career I really don't know where I'll be... I just want to be happy and healthy!

Now I am tagging 5 blogs that I think are going places!

Weekend Recap: Trip to Tallahassee!

This weekend Brice and I trekked it down to Tallahassee (about 6 hours) for our friends wedding! We both had never been to Tallahassee before so we were really excited about seeing the campus of Florida State. Their stadium and campus is gorgeous! It's so nice, with lots of huge live oaks and moss. However, I felt like the inside of it was a little disappointing. You can tell it's pretty old, and I am so used to larger stadiums that have upper deck's and are more what I call "festive with lots of team spirit" (ahem... South Carolina). Here are some photos we took!

That night we had the wedding, which was a lot of fun and it was so great to see everyone that we don't really get to see anymore since Brice doesn't live in Atlanta anymore. (But I am glad he is here in Charleston!) The food was delish! Of course I devoured as many crabcakes, baby corn dogs, & crab stuffed mushrooms as I could! Then they had the best shrimp & grits and potato bar. I did not worry about my figure this weekend, that's for sure! They also had two martinis, an apple martini and a Pink Lady. I chose the pink lady. It consisted of peach schnapps, cranberry juice & vodka, so yummy!

Brice was so handsome in his little bow tie! (Auburn colors of course, NOT Clemson)

The happy bride & groom!

So now I am exhausted... not wanting to go to work tomorrow! It's times like these that I wish I just worked for myself and could make my own schedule! Maybe one day...



Who's excited?? ME!!!

I'm so sweet!

 Apparently I'm as sweet as sugar! Thanks to SweetBef & Sweet Southern Prep have both awarded me with the Sugar Doll Award! Thank y'all so much! It was so nice of you to think of me! As a recipient of this award I am required to list 10 things about myself and then pass it along to 10 other "sweet" blogs! I'm going to list favorites because that's an easy thing to list:

• Muscadine Wine
• Boston Terriers
• My Nikon D3000
• Makeup!
• Carrie Underwood
• Shrimp & Grits
• Carolina Gamecocks
• The movie "Shag"

Blogs I think are sweet!


The Last Episode of "The Hills"

I cannot express how sad I am that tonight is the last episode EVER of The Hills! I began watching Laguna Beach in college and was hooked to that crazy group of friends ever since.

During Laguna Beach I was definitely "Team Kristen" I thought Lauren "LC" was just annoying and weird. She was just always... there. After they graduated high school of course I had to follow them on to The Hills... and then the spin off of that, The City!

The Hills

 The City
We took a trip to LA in December 2007 for Jaime's Survivor Finale taping. So... of course we had to hit up some Hills hot spots! We went to Geisha House and then met one of the guys working there that used to be on The Hills and dated Heidi. Of course Marisa had to say something to him. Pretending she was one of Heidi's friends she goes "You look so familiar to me..." Then he said some cheesy line, I really can't remember what it was. And she paused... and then says "Did you date Heidi?" omg really Marisa?! hahaha It was so hilarious. We then met Wilmer Valderama from That 70s Show and he talked to us about when he filmed "Summer Catch" here in South Carolina. He was so nice! We met Shawn Wayans as well.

We ended our night at Les Deux, where everyone from Geisha House apparently goes as well. It's owned by the same company, The Dolce Group. This is where Heidi & Lauren had their big fight!! We got really excited about going here... "Maybe we will see them!" Because we were with the Survivor cast we got to go under the ropes and right in the door... passing the massive crowd outside! WOOHOO! Later in the night we found out Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul & Britney Spears were all upstairs in the loft part. We tried to get up there but the body guard stopped us :( Well, that's as close to the Hills that I've gotten. Except for one of my camera men on The Amazing Race and my sound guy were both from The Hills too. We tried to get them to make a Southern version that takes place in Charleston and features US ha! Yeah right... although I can promise you it would be entertaining!

Ok, I HAVE to get off here and get ready!! 10 more minutes! How many of y'all are watching? Do you think Lauren will make an appearance?