The 4th of July... and other ramblings

Every summer I look forward to the 4th of July. I'm not sure what it is exactly that makes me love it so much. Is it the fact that I have a day off from work and can lay out at the beach? Fireworks...watching & participating, cooking out with friends, patriotism, or just knowing there will be some fun summer parties to attend?

I got a little patriotic last year!
(And it looks like Kira decided to refresh herself with Smirnoff Ice! )

Brice got a little pyro....

One of my favorite movie scenes of all time!

I get so excited about it but after I always feel a little down. I don't know if it's just me but after it's all over I feel like we're on the downward slope of summer, and that makes me sad! I know we aren't, because it's stays hot well into October down here in the south! Sometimes we still even experience temps in the 60s in December! I love summer SO incredibly much for so many reasons:

•Being tan
•Bright Nailpolish
•Flip Flops
•Jimmy Buffett music... enjoying it while not whining "why is it not summer yet?!"
•cook outs
•The Beach of course!
•Fresh fruits & vegetables
•Having an excuse to go "Blonde Blonde and More Barbie Blonde.."
•Being barefoot
•Margaritas, pina coladas, miami vices, & strawberry daquris.. again, without whining "why isn't it summer yet!?"
•Daylight savings time!

Yummy meals like this one I made the other night make me love summer! Roasted asaparagus, fresh tomato with fresh basil, olive oil, salt & pepper, and a Morning Star Farms tomato & basil burger (sans bun)! DEEEELICIOUS! (and nutritious!)

I also made a ridiculously yummy snack for work today, I didn't take a picture though. It consisted of plain greek yogurt, honey, thawed frozen strawberries & oats....holy yum in my tum! And it kept me full for a while!

I blogged a while back (ok maybe like 2 or 3 weeks) about my new goal of reading 10 books this summer... um, I'm sorry to say but this was a complete FAIL. I am still on my 2nd book, and not b/c it isn't good... it's great! I just hardly find the time to read a lot in one sitting! I swear I am add and cannot sit still in peace & quiet (which is required for reading). I am constantly putting my nose/hands/feet/arms/mouth whatever in something. I can't just sit still. I guess b/c I sit at a computer all day long! So... I'm not completely ruling out my goal, I'm just not quite sure it's going to happen. I'll tell you what WILL happen though. Growing my hair out! Not too long, but just enough. Here is my goal:

Yes, that is Carrie Underwood. For those of you that know me, this probably doesn't shock you one bit. I love her and wish we were BFF. But she'd have to get over my love for cheeseburgers (She's a veggie). Anyways... only another 2 inches or so (which means prob another year of growth since my hair grows at the pace of a snail). Wow, it's time I stop rambling and get to working on this 2nd book I'm reading. I actually was just reading it and put it down b/c a random thought about a "4th of July" blog popped in my head. 15 minutes later and here I am talking about Carrie Underwood. (?!) GOODNIGHT! Tomorrow is Friday!! :) Getting excited about my THREE DAY WEEKEND! (Is that REALLY happening?!)


  1. That meal looks delicious and nutritious!! And I love Carrie Underwood's shoes in that pic (what I can see of them at least) They look great on her.

  2. Love your 4th of July outfit from last year. This year I'm dressing in more red, white and blue than last year. As for your summer favorites? I agree with every single one! I just wish I could afford to go blond again! A little too high maintenance for me right now, but you rock it girl, and you also have naturally blonder hair than me, so that helps! Less dark roots, that grow out way too fast!

    Happy Early 4th!

  3. Have a fabulous weekend!
    I find I cant read during the day - so when I go to bed at night I read for a while before I fall asleep!

  4. I love that hair cut! My hair is longer and I was thinking of chopping it to that length.
    Hope you have another blast of a 4th! Last year looked pretty awesome.
    PS, I am stealing your dinner for myself tonight! What a fresh and easy idea!

  5. Loved your 4th of July outfit last year. I kept quoting that scene from legally blonde basically all weekend lol. You seriously rock the blonde the best!


  6. I found you on Hungry Meets Healthy, so I thought I'd say hi!

    Love your list of reasons to love summer. Yes to all! I love that you included that clip from Legally Blonde! :)