Danielle Stevens Jewelry

I was flipping through my new InStyle Magazine last night and ran across the cutest bracelet by Danielle Stevens! I had to get online this morning and look for it. Well, what do you know the first page is a giant picture of Carrie Underwood, no wonder I love it so much! She wears a lot of Danielle Stevens bracelets on her Play On Tour! (I love it even more now...)I was surprised when I saw such great prices. Here is the bracelet I fell in love with:

You can have anything you want engraved on the top. So cute! $66

Here are some pieces that Carrie wears on her tour:

Obviously Carrie loves sparkly things like I do! All of the engraved jewelry is gorgeous, I love anything personalized. Everyone go check out this awesome designer, I'm pretty sure I see purchases in my future!!


  1. Oh my gosh how gorgeous are these pieces?!
    I am going to check her out! Thanks for the tip!

  2. I love the blue bracelet! So cute!

  3. These pieces are so cute! I found you through someone else's blog, but now I can't remember who. can't wait to keep following you!