I'm so sweet!

 Apparently I'm as sweet as sugar! Thanks to SweetBef & Sweet Southern Prep have both awarded me with the Sugar Doll Award! Thank y'all so much! It was so nice of you to think of me! As a recipient of this award I am required to list 10 things about myself and then pass it along to 10 other "sweet" blogs! I'm going to list favorites because that's an easy thing to list:

• Muscadine Wine
• Boston Terriers
• My Nikon D3000
• Makeup!
• Carrie Underwood
• Shrimp & Grits
• Carolina Gamecocks
• The movie "Shag"

Blogs I think are sweet!

1 comment:

  1. Girl, you know I love all of your answers, but my favorite definitely has to be Boston Terriers. :)