The Last Episode of "The Hills"

I cannot express how sad I am that tonight is the last episode EVER of The Hills! I began watching Laguna Beach in college and was hooked to that crazy group of friends ever since.

During Laguna Beach I was definitely "Team Kristen" I thought Lauren "LC" was just annoying and weird. She was just always... there. After they graduated high school of course I had to follow them on to The Hills... and then the spin off of that, The City!

The Hills

 The City
We took a trip to LA in December 2007 for Jaime's Survivor Finale taping. So... of course we had to hit up some Hills hot spots! We went to Geisha House and then met one of the guys working there that used to be on The Hills and dated Heidi. Of course Marisa had to say something to him. Pretending she was one of Heidi's friends she goes "You look so familiar to me..." Then he said some cheesy line, I really can't remember what it was. And she paused... and then says "Did you date Heidi?" omg really Marisa?! hahaha It was so hilarious. We then met Wilmer Valderama from That 70s Show and he talked to us about when he filmed "Summer Catch" here in South Carolina. He was so nice! We met Shawn Wayans as well.

We ended our night at Les Deux, where everyone from Geisha House apparently goes as well. It's owned by the same company, The Dolce Group. This is where Heidi & Lauren had their big fight!! We got really excited about going here... "Maybe we will see them!" Because we were with the Survivor cast we got to go under the ropes and right in the door... passing the massive crowd outside! WOOHOO! Later in the night we found out Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul & Britney Spears were all upstairs in the loft part. We tried to get up there but the body guard stopped us :( Well, that's as close to the Hills that I've gotten. Except for one of my camera men on The Amazing Race and my sound guy were both from The Hills too. We tried to get them to make a Southern version that takes place in Charleston and features US ha! Yeah right... although I can promise you it would be entertaining!

Ok, I HAVE to get off here and get ready!! 10 more minutes! How many of y'all are watching? Do you think Lauren will make an appearance?


  1. I had no idea it was the final episode. Getting ready to watch it now. tear. What a fun time y'all had. A Charleston version? That would be hilarious. I mean, they have Jersey Shore now, right? Why not bring it down South. Haha.

  2. Wow, I can't believe how different Heidi looks in that picture you posted of the cast from the first season. I think you should totally sell a Charleston based show!

  3. Aww!! That was such a fun trip!! Will you email me those photos? I want to print them out for my house. :)

  4. Ahhh, I miss Laguna Beach. Stephen was so dreamy. And LC totally got on my nerves. Get your OWN boyfriend! And then during her tenure on The Hills, she was always so judgy and hated who her friends dated. Um...Jason wasn't the best catch my friend. I stopped watching once Heidi and Spencer went AWOL and Kristin became the HBIC, but I do like The City. That Olivia is something else.

    p.s. i got you another award...come and pick it up when you get a chance. ;) i'm in such a giving mood these days.

  5. I was always on Team Kristen too!