A look back...

Some of you know... some of you may not know (but look on the side bar! :) ) my friend Marisa and I were both on the Amazing Race season 13. It aired in the fall of 2008. I think back on it ALL the time and how much I miss everyone! It's sort of a joke in the Race world... our season is the ONLY season where every team still stays in touch, talks about "Race Love", has reunions, and considers each other family. I am SO thankful to have been a part of such a special season. We were also the only season in Race history to have every team in attendance at the finale party in NYC. I thought I'd share with y'all our little "team introductions" video! As well as some random funny ones that make Marisa and I look like complete idiots! Hey, at least we can laugh at ourselves! These are actually out takes from the season. Enjoy! :)

Meet our season!! LOVE EVERYONE!

Well, this was embarassing...

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It's so good to keep up with everyone. Here's some photos from when we had our finale reunion!

The Girls!

Our whole cast!

Had to throw this one in just b/c it's so funny... this was our reaction to Tony & Dallas losing their passports and being stuck in Russia!! AHH! This was also about 3 am... hence the no makeup/half asleep look. Don't you love our matching pj shirts?? :)


  1. Sounded like you guys had so much fun! You got to experience something many people can't do!

  2. That is so fun! The video of you crying is so sweet :) And I love your faces in the last pic...haha!

  3. I bet you have so many great memories. Looks like SO much fun!!!

    <3 kp

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