Nice Thoughts...

I got this in an e-mail tonight from one of my Race buddies, Mark! I thought it was great, and so true. I thought everyone would enjoy it :)


Only two more hours to vote for Brice's picture! If you haven't done it already, please follow these directions (if you have facebook). We would really appreciate it, and it only takes 2 seconds!

1) In the search type in "Southern Tide" (it has a blue fish like on my side bar)
2) click "Like" at the top of their page
3) Go to their photos and click on the photo album titled "I'm on a boat"
4) Find the photo below and click "like" underneath it!

Thanks everyone! :) We have until midnight tonight!

Giveaway Time!

It's been a while since I have done a giveaway. With such great feedback from everyone (including friends, family, and people I didn't even realize read my blog!) on my design posts, I've decided I need to do a little giveaway! The winner will receive a personalized intertwined monogram (the jpeg, to use however you would like!) as well as a set of 10 note cards (including envelopes) with their monogram printed on the front. Here are some examples of some that I have done:

You can choose colors & fonts. Use your initials or you and your significant others initials! Here is how to enter: {please list each entry in separate comments}

•You MUST be a follower of my blog!
•Blog about this giveaway, and link back to my blog
•Post on your sidebar
•Refer someone, they must tell me who referred them
•Send me a suggestion... a design idea! What should I make next?

I will post the winner on Wednesday, September 15th!


Designs & Designs

Before I get to my actual post I have to bring this to everyone's attention.  Last night I was perusing around Elle.com. {Yes, I never really looked at their site until the wonderful tv show The City debuted.} I was looking through the Fall 2010 Runway Fashions, many cute little numbers and then I got to Chanel. I love Chanel... I think of two words when I hear the word Chanel: gorgeous and classic. But then there was THIS....

 Don't worry boys... you too can look like Chewbaca!
Someone PLEASE help Chanel... I feel like I'm at a museum looking at prehistoric wooly mammoths.

I had to post that... on to my regular post!

I've been working on some designs lately, primarily weddings, after my last post which several people saw. PS, thank you for your sweet comments! It makes me so happy to get such wonderful feedback.

I'm working on several things for a girl that I went to high school with who is getting married in October. Of course I'm not going to spoil anything and show her actual wedding monogram {Although as soon as she gets hitched, it's going up!} but I just printed out some thank you notes for her with her maiden initials and thought I'd share:

After my friend Marisa getting engaged this weekend, of course I immediately started designing her's too! :) Although, I have several designs I'm waiting to know her exact wedding date to post the rest. As of now, I'm just posting the monogram I came up with. I think it's beautiful, two of my favorite colors!
Stay tuned for more... I have a lot of stuff in the works that just isn't complete yet! :) {And Jaim, I know you're reading... I am working on your play date cards!}


I love Darius & I love Charleston!

I saw this Darius Rucker video for "Comeback Song" for the first time today. It really makes me so proud of Charleston, and so happy and thankful that I live in such a wonderful place! Not to mention how unbelievably excited I am for his new album!!


Weekend Recap: Keeping it Low-Key!

I should have added in the header "and ANOTHER engagement!" I got a call from my friend Marisa on Friday night that she was engaged! That's been an engagement for the past 3 weekends! Crazy! I guess we're just getting to that age where it is happening more frequently.

Brice and I decided since the past two weekends had been so busy, we deserved to have a low key weekend of relaxation before yet another big weekend. Friday night Brice's work got some tickets to the Charleston Riverdogs game. We had a torrential downpour a few hours before gametime, lightening, thunder, and of course the typical flooding of downtown. We had a great happy hour at Salty Mike's before heading to the game. I really could have just stayed at Salty Mike's all night! We had a nice little crew! The game was fun though, only I felt like I was sitting in a sauna I was sweating so bad.

Here's Brice and one of his co-workers Lauren! Apparently I couldn't wait for Brice to stop chewing his food before I snapped this pic! Sorry sweets! P.S. I learned that Brice's little office started a blog! (ok, Brice won't write on it) If you'd like to start following... go here!

Tony the Peanut Man gave us a nice song before I read the back of his shirt which read "My nuts are addictive" Tony, this is a family event! Let's keep it G rated! Really?!

We enjoyed a nice fireworks show after the game and found a box of boiled peanuts that they had just left sitting by the steps! We gladly helped ourselves :)
Free boiled peanuts? Yes please!
Saturday and Sunday we enjoyed cruising around on the jet ski... we went all over! The first day we put it in at Isle of Palms and drove over to Sullivan's Island and parked on the sandbar. But... a storm started coming so we had to head back in :( Boo!

Saturday we went back out again, and this time we drove ALL over the place! We put in right by the bridge in Mt. Pleasant, and went up the Wando River, and cruised around the creeks by Daniel Island. I love looking at all of the gigantic homes and wishing one was mine!

We went back out into the harbor, and around the battery to Charleston City Marina where we stared at the yachts for a while!
Wishin, and hopin, and thinkin & prayin...
We headed up towards Johns Island... then back out into the harbor and towards Shem Creek before heading back in. We saw several dolphins swimming right by us! I wanted them to actually swim WITH us though! We also saw a sea turtle! I'm hoping to see a manatee one day, I hear they are in Shem Creek all the time playing in the fresh water dumped off the sides of the shrimp boats. They're so ugly... which makes them that much cuter!
It was a nice and relaxing weekend, MUCH NEEDED! This weekend is about to be another busy one! Kent & Marisa are coming to visit, as well as two of Brice's friends from Auburn. I will probably pass out early on Sunday. But it will be our last week of summer before football season starts... so we have to live it up and enjoy every second! :)


Random thought...

I just thought I'd also add in {with the rest of my fall wants and needs} how excited I am about wearing this color, Essie Merino Cool.
I'm actually really excited about Essie's entire fall line, "Little Brown Dress" will be a fun color too! I'm typically an OPI "Lincoln Park After Dark" girl, but I might just change brands this year! :)

Something so tiny, made me so happy :)

So, after writing my post on how excited I am for fall I cannot stop thinking about it! I stay inside all day long because the humidity is so horrible, I'm constantly thirsty, and every new magazine I look at has nothing but fall clothes in. I thought about it a lot today, pumpkin spice coffee, apple cider, the smell of cinnamon, jeans and cozy sweaters, leggings, feeling smaller because I can cover problem areas, and having no problem with my hair because of the lack of humidity. Well well well... look what I found in a drawer today!

Ahhhh the smell of cinnamon and spices!

"Home Sweet Home" Yankee Candle Company tart!!  This is definitely a fall fragrance of cinnamon, baking spices, and a hint of freshly poured tea. My apartment smells delicious now and made the rest of my evening very happy. thank you, little tart! :)

Body Pump = Me Eating Healthy!

I've realized that after going to one class of body pump, I am immediately craving healthy foods. Which is a good thing, right?! It also makes my muscles sore which makes them feel tighter which makes me feel smaller... which I love! Regardless if I look any different or not, I definitely feel different! When I went to bed last night I was trying to think up a healthy concoction for a smoothie in the am. This is what I came up with, and it was a success!

My grandma gave me a couple cartons of fresh peaches she had frozen. So I thawed out one of those over night, and added about two or three large spoonfuls with two large spoonfuls (give or take) of plain greek yogurt, about 5 or 6 ice cubes, a handfull of baby spinach, a squirt (literally) of honey and some cinnamon (as much as you'd like). It looks disgusting, but it was certainly delish! I love how you can throw spinach into any fruit smoothie and it doesn't alter the taste, only makes it healthier and an ugly green color.

I decided to try out a recipe my mom has made for me before for my lunch today (Except she scrambled them). It's actually an Ina Garten recipe, but I altered it a teeny bit and well... forgot one ingredient so I had to improvise. But it turned out DELICIOUS! Herbed-Baked Eggs!

The recipe called for parsley, which I didn't have, and I also didn't measure everything exactly, I just eyeballed it to my liking. First of all turn your oven onto broil. Place one tablespoon of butter and 2 tablespoons of heavy cream into the bottom of a baking dish (small, single serving baking dish). Place into the oven so the butter melts, and starts to bubble.

While thats doing it's thing, mince up 1/4 tsp fresh garlic, 1/4 tsp fresh rosemary leaves, 1/4 tsp fresh thyme leaves and 1 tbsp minced, fresh parsley (which I left out). Also, grate 1 tbsp fresh parmesan... I definitely grated more! I love cheese! Also, go ahead and crack your eggs (I used two eggs, but this recipe calls for 6) into a separate dish without breaking the yolks.

{I'd like to add here that I forgot to mince up my garlic, right after I had already put it in the oven! So, I quickly opened the oven up, put some dashes of garlic powder on top and put it back in. It still tasted phenomenal!}

ummm I think I need to buy some more parm!

Once the butter is melted and bubbly, take out of the oven, gently pour eggs into baking dish and top with the minced garlic & herb mixture, cheese and top with kosher salt and cracked pepper.

Obviously, I enjoy lots of herbs & cheese :)
Place into the oven for about 5 or 6 minutes, until the whites are almost done. They will continue to cook even when you take them out of the oven.

Serve with toast! Delicious!!
holy amazing!
Brice, I am making this for you this weekend!

On a side note, I thought I'd include this precious little photo of my Sophie. I just love her little profile! So happy I got to see her this week! :)


Fall is almost upon us...

After having the end of summer party this weekend it made me realize that we really are at the end of summer. :( I love summer more than any other time of year but my second favorite may just be fall! With fall comes a lot of things to look forward to.

First and foremost... Football Season! I've grown up a South Carolina fan, but now that I'm dating Brice I pull for Auburn as well! {Except when we play each other this year!}
War Eagle!
My birthday is also in the fall... always a fun celebration! 
Brice & me at my 26th birthday dinner last year
Oyster roasts!
Palmetto Society Oyster Roast 2007
 Also, I am about done with my Sun & Sand Yankee Candle and ready for my very favorite, Autumn Leaves! Autumn Leaves is a vibrant medley of birch & maple leaves with pomegranate, juniper, berry & orange blossom. It may be my favorite candle of all time!

Although this year I may also need to try one of their new fragrances Mountain Lodge. Mountain Lodge is warm with the aroma of cedarwood & sage. I love warm and spicy scents!
The color of the leaves changing, pumpkins, cool mornings, and being able to just be comfortable at any time. I don't have to worry about humidity, sweating, or freezing to death and having to wear a ton of layers.

Yesterday it rained ALL day long, I really didn't come out of my pj's. This morning when I woke up it was overcast with a little rain again. I made one of my favorite fall & winter meals. Breakfast. When I say Breakfast, I mean not just a bowl of cereal, oatmeal, yogurt... I mean cooking eggs, bacon, toast... yum! I decided to try my first attempt of eggs over easy. Success!I was so scared when I flipped it the yolk would break. I do think if I had taken it off maybe just 15 seconds earlier it would be really perfect!
So buttery and good!
Two of our friends dressed up as Marisa & me on The Amazing Race! hahaha!!
Someone dressed up in this ridiculous Keebler Elf costume!
So... as my beloved summer comes to an end, I am trying to look forward to the joys of fall and exciting times to come!

Weekend Recap: Another Engagement!

Is something in the water?? I think this is the most filled year of engagements I have ever had! What is next summer, BABIES?!  Brice's friend Cole came in town last Thursday and I spent Friday morning scoping out spots with him and planning how Brice and I could sneakily capture photos of his proposal. We came up with a great plan, at Waterfront Park. I would be on a bench with my back to them and as they walked by I could sneak up behind them. We thought it sounded wonderful, and look at how pretty the scenery is!

Once Saturday came Brice and I quickly realized we would be a little too close for comfort to them and Anna would most likely see me. Not to mention I was already a ball of nerves because I wanted it to be perfect for them! Luckily it started raining and we ran into an art museum. It was positioned right in front of the pineapple fountain and we thought, "this would be perfect!" We had a great view and we could hide inside behind the tinted windows and sneak out right when he did it. Brice texted Cole and we had the plan all set! The rain actually helped clear some people out of the area too! I got some great pictures, even though I was shaking! (I get nervous for other people!)

The Ring!! 
Pearlz for a champagne toast! Excuse my attire... I had to be incognito!
Aside from the engagement we had a fun filled weekend. I met the largest dog I have ever seen in my life at Red's Thursday night! He is an English Mastive. Did yo know that you breed an English Mastive with an English Bull Dog to get a Bull Mastive?

We went to the Palmetto Society End of Summer (sigh..) party at the aquarium Friday night. They had Chick fil A and an 80s band... two of my favs!
Saturday we went to see Cole play at Midtown, a bar in downtown Charleston. We had a big group of friends and it was a blast! Such a filled busy weekend has left me with a scratchy throat... I think it's just sinuses though! Next weekend we're planning to lay low and not do anything, which will be nice!


Simple, tasty & healthy lunch!

Yesterday I had a really late lunch/early dinner. I wanted something healthy but filling. I bought MorningStar Farms Italian Herb Chick Patties at the grocery store so I thought I'd try them out. I decided to make a "Chicken Parmesan & Basil sandwich"!

I spread some tomato & basil marinara sauce on each side of a Whole Wheat Arnold Sandwich Thin, and topped one side with fresh basil.

I topped it off with a chick patty and some fresh parmesan

I also had a side of roasted broccoli :) DEEE-LICIOUS!

Super easy, healthy and very tasty lunch! I'm not a vegetarian but I sure do love MorningStar Farms! Tastes just like real meat!