A Delicious Dinner!

I haven't cooked a yummy dinner in a while and last night I had a hankering for it! It is just so much fun to me. I decided to go over to Brice's house and cook for him and his room mates (well, Hunter was the only one that participated... thanks Hunter!) One of my favorite (and Brice's favorite) meals to make is chicken breasts stuffed with herbed goat cheese & basil. YUM. Ok, ANYTHING with goat cheese is heaven to me. And recently I've turned Brice onto it as well, and I think Hunter joined in on the bandwagon after last nights dinner!

I packed up my supplies (b/c there is no telling if guys are going to have what you need or not) and headed on over! About a week ago I sent a basil plant over to Brices house to grow on his back porch since he gets a lot more sunlight than I do. I still packed up some of my own basil from home just in case the leaves were still too small to use. Good thing I did... THIS is what greeted me!


Let's take a closer look at this murder scene!


Brice's response was "oh, I forgot about that!" I showed him it should look plump and happy like this!

I put a lot of water in it and so it should be all perked up and happy today! Anyways... on to the dinner! Here is the recipe for the chicken breasts.

• chicken breasts with skin & bone
• goat cheese (herbed or regular)
• fresh basil leaves
• olive oil
• kosher salt
• cracked pepper

Wash your chicken breasts and I like to cut off any fat from around the edges. pull away the skin from the meat. Sometimes you have to cut a little bit of it to get it to pull apart. Cut a few pieces of goat cheese and lay under the skin, top with some fresh basil leaves then pull the skin back over. You can use as much goat cheese or basil leaves as you like. drizzle & coat each breast with olive oil and top with kosher salt & cracked pepper. Pop in the oven at 400º for about 30-40 minutes... depending on the thickness of the breasts and your oven. When they are done cooking I like to drizzle a little more olive oil on the top to make them pretty and moist (ew, I hate that word) looking. 

 Here is a picture of them cooking in the oven!

My sides included roasted broccoli and some standard box Uncle Ben's chicken rice (it's SO good!) I've only recently started roasting my broccoli. I grew up having it steamed with butter, but I find this a lot healthier and tastier!

You can either buy the full broccoli's or buy the prepackaged already cut florets. I just bought the full because it seems to be a better deal on price. Cut off the florets, just don't have TOO large of pieces because then the small vs. large pieces will cook unevenly and you may end up with some burnt little broccoli's. Toss them around in some olive oil and sprinkle with kosher salt & cracked pepper. Cook at 400º for about 10-15 minutes or until tender. 

Here is a picture of the finished product! SO good and so easy! I got many many compliments :)


  1. I made a similar dinner last week but used feta & spinach! Yummmm

  2. i feel so bad for that basil plant :(