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Before I get to my actual post I have to bring this to everyone's attention.  Last night I was perusing around Elle.com. {Yes, I never really looked at their site until the wonderful tv show The City debuted.} I was looking through the Fall 2010 Runway Fashions, many cute little numbers and then I got to Chanel. I love Chanel... I think of two words when I hear the word Chanel: gorgeous and classic. But then there was THIS....

 Don't worry boys... you too can look like Chewbaca!
Someone PLEASE help Chanel... I feel like I'm at a museum looking at prehistoric wooly mammoths.

I had to post that... on to my regular post!

I've been working on some designs lately, primarily weddings, after my last post which several people saw. PS, thank you for your sweet comments! It makes me so happy to get such wonderful feedback.

I'm working on several things for a girl that I went to high school with who is getting married in October. Of course I'm not going to spoil anything and show her actual wedding monogram {Although as soon as she gets hitched, it's going up!} but I just printed out some thank you notes for her with her maiden initials and thought I'd share:

After my friend Marisa getting engaged this weekend, of course I immediately started designing her's too! :) Although, I have several designs I'm waiting to know her exact wedding date to post the rest. As of now, I'm just posting the monogram I came up with. I think it's beautiful, two of my favorite colors!
Stay tuned for more... I have a lot of stuff in the works that just isn't complete yet! :) {And Jaim, I know you're reading... I am working on your play date cards!}


  1. Who on earth would ever wear that hot mess? They look like Big Foot. Not the classic suits we know and love.

  2. Brooke,

    The thank you's look good :)!


  3. Hahaha! Funniest jacket EVER! I need to put Curl in that suit hehehe.

    And I LOVE the design for Marisa!! So pretty. I got my bridesmaid dress in the mail today. Of course, I can't try it on. Looks like I have motivation to get rid of any baby weight. But it is really pretty. I ended up getting one for $134 plus free shipping and no tax. Not too bad!

  4. Hi Brooke! How are you sweetie? Hope you're enjoying every sunny moment of your summer! Your monogrammed cards are precious, I just love the colors you chose and the large fonts, they are different and really super cute! Sounds like you've got a queue already, but let me know if you ever end up opening an etsy shop or taking orders, they are precious! :) Love and hugs xoxo - Trishy