I've found a new love...

Today I FINALLY got a hair cut! YAY! I have been trying to grow it out a little so I waited as long as possible. It's been 5 months... double the time I usually wait to get a hair cut. But my stylist actually said that is the best way to grow your hair out if you can just let it go and not get it cut. I thought I had done a big no no by letting it go like that. Guess not! :)

I've heard about MOROCCANOIL® a lot lately, and have always thought about trying it. Well, today I got to! Kelly, my hair stylist, used it on my hair and told me about how great it is for my type of hair, fine and blonde so it's dry and breaks easily. She put a bit in my hair when it was wet, and then after she had styled it she just went over my hair with a little tee tiny bit. It smells SO good and makes my hair feel so silky!

I quickly went online to learn more about this AMAZING product! MOROCCANOIL® is a powerful antioxidant and UV protector, MOROCCANOIL's® proprietary Argan oil blend is rich in vitamins and natural elements that fortify the hair, including Vitamin F (Omega 6), Vitamin A to improve elasticity, Vitamin E to protect against free-radicals, and Phenols to shield against environmental stressors. {Kelly gave me a great tip today. She said to put a "more than normal" amount through your hair before you go out into the sun and it keeps it protected and hydrated from the sun, sand, and chlorine in pools}

MOROCCANOIL® has a variety of products, found here,but Kelley used the original oil on my hair. I hope to try out their shampoo & conditioners in the future as well! As most salon products are, it is a little bit pricey but it lasts a long time and is completely worth it. As soon as I get a new j-o-b and have some money I'm buying this pronto!


  1. I've been a MO convert for about a year now...and I will never be able to switch. I've just been using the shampoo and cond, but decided to get the travel size of oil ($17) last time I was at my hair place and LOVE it. Such soft hair!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this info! I have fine, blonde hair and really have been looking for something to help!

  3. oooh I'm going to have to try that. I saw in Lucky mag where Jessica Simpson uses it. (i think thats who it was) and had rave reviews. Thanks for sharing that it works! Have to grab some soon!

  4. I am obsessed with that product! It works wonders on my thick hair :)

  5. My friend in spartanburg was telling me about the MO. I need to give it a try. But right now I only buy diapers and baby clothes ha! Maybe in a few months! :)