Stickers & Wedding Monograms

I've written and talked to my friends and family a lot about how I'd love to start up my own design business on the side. Only problem was I didn't have a printer to be able to do that. Well, my mom surprised me and bought me a printer/scanner/copier (make that a border less printer!) woohoo! Since I haven't been working the past few days I've sat down a little each day and worked on a few designs to start posting. So far, I've worked on stickers & wedding monograms. Wedding design is probably my most favorite, since I'm kind of in love with them! So here we go...


Stickers are really fun, you can use them in all sorts of ways. I enjoy the round stickers the most, but I can really make them in any shape or size. Here are a few personalized stickers.

I'll be sure to make up some more soon to post!


Wedding monograms are a great way to personalize your wedding. You can use them on your Save the Dates, thank you notes, gifts, decor, etc. Also, you can tie together your whole wedding using the same colors/fonts on everything... place cards, table number markers, invitations, programs (is that what you call them at weddings? Sounds like a sporting event to me!).
Interlocking Monogram

I will be continuing to post more design ideas... such as Thank You notes, calling cards, business cards, stationary etc. Hopefully I will eventually get an additional blog for design purposes only. I am also open to suggestions & feedback!


  1. brooke, these are so cute! i love interlocking monogram. i definitely would get them in that green color too. i'm already picturing my initials :) start the business now!! would you ever do business cards?

  2. Thanks!! I definitely do business cards. I'll post some eventually, I still need to make mine! ah!

  3. what a great idea!!! I love anything personalized!!

  4. I love the Huffman sticker!! YAY!! Maybe you can make a little play date card for the harpster!!

  5. Yes, Jaim I am definitely making you some of those! :)

  6. Brooke your designs are beautiful! I am so proud of you...maybe one day we can have a mother daughter business together! You are so talented!!

  7. Brookie as soon as you start making stationery (purple for me), both me and my friend Kristin want to buy some!

  8. ok cant wait to see some more designs- i need calling cards for my daughter who is 6 your designs look awesome!! thanks for sharing