Weekend Recap: Another Engagement!

Is something in the water?? I think this is the most filled year of engagements I have ever had! What is next summer, BABIES?!  Brice's friend Cole came in town last Thursday and I spent Friday morning scoping out spots with him and planning how Brice and I could sneakily capture photos of his proposal. We came up with a great plan, at Waterfront Park. I would be on a bench with my back to them and as they walked by I could sneak up behind them. We thought it sounded wonderful, and look at how pretty the scenery is!

Once Saturday came Brice and I quickly realized we would be a little too close for comfort to them and Anna would most likely see me. Not to mention I was already a ball of nerves because I wanted it to be perfect for them! Luckily it started raining and we ran into an art museum. It was positioned right in front of the pineapple fountain and we thought, "this would be perfect!" We had a great view and we could hide inside behind the tinted windows and sneak out right when he did it. Brice texted Cole and we had the plan all set! The rain actually helped clear some people out of the area too! I got some great pictures, even though I was shaking! (I get nervous for other people!)

The Ring!! 
Pearlz for a champagne toast! Excuse my attire... I had to be incognito!
Aside from the engagement we had a fun filled weekend. I met the largest dog I have ever seen in my life at Red's Thursday night! He is an English Mastive. Did yo know that you breed an English Mastive with an English Bull Dog to get a Bull Mastive?

We went to the Palmetto Society End of Summer (sigh..) party at the aquarium Friday night. They had Chick fil A and an 80s band... two of my favs!
Saturday we went to see Cole play at Midtown, a bar in downtown Charleston. We had a big group of friends and it was a blast! Such a filled busy weekend has left me with a scratchy throat... I think it's just sinuses though! Next weekend we're planning to lay low and not do anything, which will be nice!


  1. Awwww she looks so surprised! Love the ring!!!

  2. How fun! It's true...it used to be bridal showers and engagements and now it's ALL baby showers! Haha!

  3. That is very sweet of you to take pictures of that moment. I am sure they will cherish those forever.

  4. That is sooo cute...what great pictures and beautiful ring! xx

  5. Wow!! What a beautiful ring!! My husband had his friend record our whole engagement. He was saving it as a surprise for the rehearsal dinner for me and then when he went to play it the week before...it had somehow gotten erased! So sad!! But those pics are great!! :)

  6. Great pics! Beautiful ring! Wowza. Lauren D and I were in ZTA together. I miss that girl! She's a sweetheart.