Weekend Recap: Keeping it Low-Key!

I should have added in the header "and ANOTHER engagement!" I got a call from my friend Marisa on Friday night that she was engaged! That's been an engagement for the past 3 weekends! Crazy! I guess we're just getting to that age where it is happening more frequently.

Brice and I decided since the past two weekends had been so busy, we deserved to have a low key weekend of relaxation before yet another big weekend. Friday night Brice's work got some tickets to the Charleston Riverdogs game. We had a torrential downpour a few hours before gametime, lightening, thunder, and of course the typical flooding of downtown. We had a great happy hour at Salty Mike's before heading to the game. I really could have just stayed at Salty Mike's all night! We had a nice little crew! The game was fun though, only I felt like I was sitting in a sauna I was sweating so bad.

Here's Brice and one of his co-workers Lauren! Apparently I couldn't wait for Brice to stop chewing his food before I snapped this pic! Sorry sweets! P.S. I learned that Brice's little office started a blog! (ok, Brice won't write on it) If you'd like to start following... go here!

Tony the Peanut Man gave us a nice song before I read the back of his shirt which read "My nuts are addictive" Tony, this is a family event! Let's keep it G rated! Really?!

We enjoyed a nice fireworks show after the game and found a box of boiled peanuts that they had just left sitting by the steps! We gladly helped ourselves :)
Free boiled peanuts? Yes please!
Saturday and Sunday we enjoyed cruising around on the jet ski... we went all over! The first day we put it in at Isle of Palms and drove over to Sullivan's Island and parked on the sandbar. But... a storm started coming so we had to head back in :( Boo!

Saturday we went back out again, and this time we drove ALL over the place! We put in right by the bridge in Mt. Pleasant, and went up the Wando River, and cruised around the creeks by Daniel Island. I love looking at all of the gigantic homes and wishing one was mine!

We went back out into the harbor, and around the battery to Charleston City Marina where we stared at the yachts for a while!
Wishin, and hopin, and thinkin & prayin...
We headed up towards Johns Island... then back out into the harbor and towards Shem Creek before heading back in. We saw several dolphins swimming right by us! I wanted them to actually swim WITH us though! We also saw a sea turtle! I'm hoping to see a manatee one day, I hear they are in Shem Creek all the time playing in the fresh water dumped off the sides of the shrimp boats. They're so ugly... which makes them that much cuter!
It was a nice and relaxing weekend, MUCH NEEDED! This weekend is about to be another busy one! Kent & Marisa are coming to visit, as well as two of Brice's friends from Auburn. I will probably pass out early on Sunday. But it will be our last week of summer before football season starts... so we have to live it up and enjoy every second! :)


  1. I love Charleston! it looks lime you had an awesome weekend in the water....I saw dolphins when I was there in July!!! Have a good week!

  2. SO much fun! My husband went to Auburn so War Eagle for Brice!! I love Charleston...I am coming next April for a wedding!

  3. Woo hoo I made your blog!! Love it! Had so much fun at the game!