Clemson Cats vs Auburn Tigers :)

This weekend Brice and I are heading down to Auburn, Alabama for the Auburn vs. Clemsucks  Clemson game. (Not to mention it is where Gameday on ESPN will be!! Watch for us on tv!!) He graduated from Auburn and considers it "God's Country". He will proceed to give you the full history of the school along with the history of the "War Eagle" at any time you would like! I really feel like he should be a radio or tv commentator for Auburn Sports, or just SEC sports in general... he pretty much knows everything! And would LOVE to talk about it all day long! I thought I'd take the chance to share some memories of this exact same weekend last year when we went down for the Auburn vs. West Virginia game. Aka... The MONSOON weekend. It rained so so hard that you could hardly even see the field. We were soaking wet but waited it out under cover. One of the things that amazed me is that the entire student section stayed in their seats cheering through what was basically a hurricane in 30 minutes! That is dedication! After that weekend Brice and I both had (combined) borderline flu, bronchitis, pneumonia & mono. AHH! So, needless to say we are praying HARD for no rain this weekend! The forecast is showing 95 degree temps and sun, better but I do wish it was a little bit cooler! Here are some photos I thought I would share... since I didn't have my blog last year this time! WAR EAGLE! :)

Our koozies my mom made!!!

On the bus at Supper Club!

Group shot tailgating!

I have to get a picture with the real Aubie this year!

Me & Chels!
Walking into the stadium... it was a little scary looking!

not too happy!!
Look at the water on the field! OMG

There's a river in the stadium!

Ok, now please look at how dry that field is! CRAZY
Rolling Toomer's Corner... can't wait to do it again Saturday! :)
As for next weekend... when Auburn plays South Carolina, I'm going to have to say GO COCKS! :)


  1. go cocks and go auburn! show the ACC that the SEC is the best conference in the nation.

  2. War Eagle! Karl loves Supper Club...saw it in your picture! Karl also thinks Auburn is "God's Country" an dswears all teh food is the best there! The best mexican restaurant is in Auburn...oh the best japanese is the one place in Auburn...haha! It cracks me up!! Have fun at the game! We will be there for the Au/USC in 2 weeks!!

  3. Can I just say how much I love Mrs. Jackson for making coordinating koozies for everyone. And tell Brice that me, Erik, and Harper plan on cheering for Auburn... well Curl doesn't know that yet but I will inform him! haha

  4. Go Tigers! Clemson that is - haha - my mom went there. :) Hope it's a good game.

    P.S. I tagged you in my post today. :)

  5. I have my pic with real Aubie. He's pretty hot. I love how he twirls his tail! He's easier to catch during basketball season.

  6. Love the koozies and your dress. I can't wait for this weeks game. I am a Gamecock girl too! It was so nice to see Clemson lose.