Football/Weekend Recap!

Football season officially began last Thursday night, and we had quite the "tailgate" at my friend Kira's house! We weren't able to go to Columbia because we all had work the next morning, so we had to make it feel real. I just needed a pom pom and I would have been all set!
Stickers of course! Beat Southern Miss! (and we did!)

matching plates & napkins! (not planned, just so happened!)

We had some yummy treats...

Pigs in a blanket... a tailgating staple!

Spicy corn & sausage dip! One of my favorites!
Everyone always requests this recipe, it's actually a recipe my friend Hunter's mom makes, and now all of our friends are addicted! Here is the recipe:

one bag frozen white corn
1 can - normal yellow corn
1 package of jimmy dean sausage
3 packages of cream cheese
2-3 tablespoons of butter (give or take, it is just to help thin the cream cheese)
jalapenos (give or take 2 tablespoons...depends on how spicy you like it but it does add tons of flavor)
freshly ground black pepper

It works best if you have a crock pot or something that stays heated, but using a medium to large sized pyrex works fine, as you can just reheat it in the oven or microwave.

- 1st brown the sausage, nice and brown...more flavor
- heat the frozen corn as directed - when heated then add the extra canned corn
- heat the 3 packages of cream cheese and the butter together, warm enough to stir easily
- chop jalapenos...chop enough too give or take as you taste

Once all are heated then add them all together in the crock pot or the pyrex, add the jalaps and tons of freshly ground black pepper. It is all to taste, so do as little or as much as you prefer.  I enjoy serving them with Tostitos Scoops! (The jalapeƱo flavored ones are good too!)

We also had cheeseburger sliders, which didn't make it into any photos because Jenny arrived after kickoff... which means I didn't leave the couch very often! Brice decided to claim his seat early! (He was really excited!!)
"I'm getting chills... it's football season!"
Then I got chills watching 2001!
Kira got us pumped up playing "Sandstorm" which is a techno song they play in the student section to get everyone pumped up... Brice hates this song! But we got excited :)

Brice, you look very nice in your garnet & black!! :)
TOUCHDOWN!!! (this was obviously a re-enactment!)
We came to a few conclusions during the game...

a) we're going to be even better in upcoming games... we didn't even have 3 of our best players and we looked really good!

b) It's hilarious that Jesse Palmer was The Bachelor... that's all I can think of when I see him on ESPN

c) Jesse Palmer needs to get a new stylist... and a shirt that FITS!!
Jesse on the left, and his tight shirt
d) Lauren really needs to become a smoker, and smoke something out of this random decorative pipe in Kira's house!
perfectly positioned lips hahah
So happy we won, I really think Marcus Lattimore is going to be an amazing player for us! And Steven Garcia actually impressed me! I think in his senior year, he has finally become more confident and is going to do a great job. I never really could fully trust him before. Of course, Alshon Jeffries will be a favorite, because he is amazing. So happy football season is here! Now, if we could just get some cooler weather!
Final Score: 13-41! GO COCKS!
Speaking of cool weather... it was amazing in Atlanta this weekend! It got down into the 50s at night, and probably didn't get above 80 during the day. If you were in the shade, you got a cool breeze with no humidity. That is my kind of weather! We went up to Lake Lanier to visit Brice's parents for a nice relaxing weekend on the lake!
We watched beautiful sunsets every afternoon...
Brice's sister Allison dropped off her sweet puppy Mia to spend the weekend with us! Of course I had to take tons of photos of her! These were two of my favorites.

We went up to right outside of Helen, GA on Sunday for a cookout. LOTS of food including delicious BBQ and Brunswick Stew! It was so great to finally get to spend time with his parents and 3 sisters since I never get to see them. I am so mad at myself for not getting any pictures with them! :( Next time I guess!
We also watched the Auburn game... Brice's team. Thankfully, they won as well! So War Eagle & Go Cocks for a great Labor Day weekend!!
we set up the self timer on the camera... hence, the "off centeredness"!


  1. Looks like you had a great time at your football party!!

    The weather here has been tollerable too - just in time to pack away the summer clothes lol!

  2. Sounds like so much fun! Garcia is from my hometown... he was a great player in high school!
    That's great that you and Brice support each other's teams! My boyfriend and I will be rivals this weekend. Should be interesting!

  3. Brookie your hair is getting so long and luscious!!

  4. oh my goodness that dip looks ah-mazing! thanks for the recipe i will definitely be using it.

    and i thought the SAME thing about jesse's shirt. i was thinking "jesse boo, did you gain some LB's?" he's still cute though. :)

  5. Looks as thoguh you had a fantastic time. I look forward to trying your spicy corn & sausage dip soon.

  6. Amanda - Long and Lucious?! Please come over and take a look... same ole short-will-never-grow-long three hairs on my head hair! :)