I am going to start dreading Auburn vs. Carolina games!

This weekend has been long awaited for two reasons:

a) It is the weekend of the Auburn vs South Carolina football game (aka the Brice vs. Brooke game!)
b) Brice's friends have been growing mustaches for the "stache bash" Bachelor Party, I couldn't wait to see how creepy they looked! Creepy because 26/27 year old guys don't look right with a stache... that's something only men ages 50 plus can sport and not look awkward.

Friday night we went to meet them for a bit at Trio. For those of you not familiar with the "Club Trio" here in Charleston, let me fill you in. You really have to be in the right mind set to go here, and ready to dance... because thats pretty much all you do. Downstairs they have a band, and it's a great atmosphere usually consisting of music ranging from beach music to r&b to pop you name it. Upstairs is the "club" portion... with a dj, smoke, laser lights and yes... a stripper pole.

I decided to wear my new dress that my mom made me! Here is a photo I made Brice snap before we left because I knew she would want to see what it looked like on! (And for blog purposes of course!)

The dress actually just has a band around the waist, but we added the sash. It's a Cynthia Rowley pattern. If any of you are sewers, you can purchase the pattern HERE on sale right now! I really like the full length as well, possibly for a fancy wedding or cocktail party! (New Years?!)

It was certainly an interesting night, not only were there mustaches, there were handlebar mustaches, chops, mohawks, and even a culdesac!! omg find the picture below!
All I can say is I'm sure glad Brice wasn't a part of this party! I would DIE if he had to grow a mustache!! EWW! My dad is pretty much the only one allowed to have one of those!

Saturday we ventured to the house they were renting on Isle of Palms... I just hung out here all day! It was VERY VERY nice!

Saturday night was intense to say the least. My friends and I had a space reserved for 20 people at King Street Grille in Mt. Pleasant. It ended up being a space made for about 40 once the stache crew arrived... I think our waitresses were a little shocked and overwhelmed! Not to mention she was being bombarded by crazy Auburn fans in mustaches?! Ahhh! Here are some photos I took during the night!
Kiki and her boyfriend, Al! :)

Me & Brice

Some of the mustache crew

The girls!

Our section!
I wasn't so happy with the outcome, and it put me in pretty much a bad mood. I just thought we were going to win, and when you have a bunch of loud Auburn fans (which I love any other weekend than this one!) it makes it even worse when you lose. So yes, I was a sore loser! But that is ok! It happens! 

Today began a great week... and it was rainy! I have waited 20 days for a nice, cool, rainy day like today. I made a grilled cheese for dinner and it was delicious! I also bought a $3 candle at Wal-Mart that smells like mulling spices and my apartment smells SO GOOD now! $3 and it is just as good as a Yankee Candle... who knew?!


  1. OMG...the stache picture is friggin hilarious! I'm glad Brice didn't particpate too for your sake! :) I need a fall candle asap...my mom was burning her autumn wreath yankee candle Sunday and it smelled so good. Maybe I will head to Wally World after work and pick up a candle!

  2. love your dress!!! Its absolutely gorgeous as you are!


  3. Love the "stache" party! I was so upset that we lost. I had been going around all day telling everyone that Carolina was going to win. UGH!!! I left an award for you over at my blog!

  4. LOVE the dress! Thanks for the pattern link :)