I'm a Copy Cat... Tumblr!!

I saw Jaime's post earlier here about Tumblr, and thought I'd try it out myself! It seems like a more fun Twitter with more of a bloggy feel. I also already got the iphone app... yes! A lot of times I take funny pictures on my phone but they never go any further than a text to Brice or my friends. Also, sometimes I have random little thoughts... or stumble upon a funny video on youtube, a great recipe, or a cute outfit! Now I can share right away with everyone, while leaving my longer posts for the blog. You can follow me here! -----> SHRIMP & GLITZ


  1. I love it!!! I just figured out the "Queue" thingy. It is cool. You can just put a bunch of random stuff in your queue and it will automatically post it for you every few hours so that your page it always updated. I put fun photos, quotes, and web articles in it so far. Then you don't really have to keep up with it every single day! :) I think this is way better than twitter!!

  2. I want to do it, too! Fun!