I've got some catching up to do!

Sorry I've been a little M.I.A lately! I've been super busy with work, design stuff, and just daily STUFF! So now, I'm trying to do some catching up before I need to eat and head to trivia night!

This weekend we headed to Auburn, AL for the Auburn vs. Clemson game. Let's just say that the plan was to leave at 3 on Friday, I got off work at 2. Brice ended up not being able to leave work early and then on top of that it was 6 before he even left his office. Geez! So here I was sitting on my couch, all ready to go in my outfit for the night. (But it wasn't his fault of course!) So in the meantime I decided to take it upon myself to have 2 chocolate martinis and play on facebook. :)

Oh yeah, by the way... I made some peanut butter banana bread from How Sweet It Is . It was phenomenal! Here's a photo of the final product :) I didn't get a photo of the inside, because we didn't cut it until Auburn, and we didn't have a proper knife so the boys proceeded to just break off pieces. Not pretty pics! It was so moist, if you enjoy peanut butter banana sandwiches, you HAVE to make this!

The trip took about 7 hours... it felt like ETERNITY. My tail bone was so numb and sore! We went straight to downtown Auburn when we got there and met everyone at Sky Bar, where it was about 105ยบ. Not even kidding! My hair ended up soaking wet and disgusting. But the band was great, and we found an amazing blast of air on the dance floor. We decided to hang out there for the night! Here are some photos:
So happy we found a fan!

Brandon, Pete, Brice & Josh (Please excuse the facial hair, they are getting ready for a "stache bash" this weekend!)

Me & Chels... getting wind blown!
I ended up having to get Brice to piggy back ride me to the car because I had, literally, 3 blisters on my right foot and 2 on my left. I used to wear heels every day of my life, but I don't think I can do it anymore! :( Am I old??

Gameday began early, of course we had to watch Gameday on ESPN since it was in Auburn. We never made it over to the stage though. Tailgating priorities first! Look at the outfit my mom made me!! :)
I think I'm more Auburn than Brice!
We headed to the area known as the "amphitheater" to tailgate. It reminds me of Morrison Memorial at USC but with trees, and SHADE! Lots o' fun we had!
I made new friends of course :) Auburn that is.
"Tough Face" Brice can't do a tough face! He's too sweet :)
Pete made sure he was prepared! (Crown = GROSS)
Brice made me take a photo outside of his old apartment, obviously you cannot see it b/c it's too dark!
It was probably one of the LONGEST drives of my life on Sunday. I slept the majority of the time! I tried to keep my eyes open and so Brice would have some company, but none such luck. Sorry Brice! It was definitely worth it though. I can't wait for this weekend, I'll be cheering on my GAMECOCKS :) It's the Brice vs. Brooke Bowl :) He thinks he will completely convert me one day, but I assured him the only way I would pull for Auburn over Carolina would be if my child played a sport there! Then I'd feel obligated. Of course this weekend I want us to win, but I'll live if Auburn does. Brice's friends from Auburn will all be in town for a bachelor party... and I'd hate to be hanging around a bunch of angry guys with mustache's!! Or would it be worse if they bragged to me all night about their victory? hmmm...

Look for "Stache Bash" pics next week. I'm pretty sure I'm getting photos of them on the stripper pole upstairs at Trio Friday night :) hahah

Oh yeah, GO COCKS!!!


  1. You dont get to suggest you are old until you are in your 50's...please...seriously...from someone much older than you who still wears heels :O) You are just out of practice!

  2. NO! you are not old. You look fantastic in your outfit. Looks like a fun weekend.

  3. LOVE that dress, your mom is so insanely talented! And btw, Brice looks jacked!! Holy muscles!!