Oh Happy Days!

With yesterday being the first day back at work after a long weekend, I expected it to be a typical "Monday". Surprisingly it wasn't! I had a really great day, and got tons accomplished! On my way home from work I stopped by Belk just to see if they had my bridesmaids dress for Marisa's wedding. She chose a Lilly dress from this summer's collection so it's hard to find now! To my surprise they had ONE left. And it was my size!! Seriously, I have a popular size and this NEVER happens. It's typically the first to go. Also... it was 30% off! Even better! Here is a picture... so happy it is a dress I have wanted all summer. It is going to be tough to not wear it before her wedding. Oh, did I mention she is getting married in JAMAICA?! Can't wait for a much needed vaca!

I stopped by my mailbox on my way home and to my surprise (and excitement!) I had a package!! It makes my day to see that little slip in my mailbox that I have a package! It was my cute monogrammed madras totes that I won in The Pink Prep giveaway! They are adorable and I immediately took out my necessities from my larger purse and added them to my new precious tote :) Love them!!!

I have been working on stickers for a baby shower my friend Anna is giving. She is going to put them on little goody bags. So I thought I'd share a picture of a sheet I printed out. She promises to send me a picture of the finished products after the shower! :)

Coming Soon Baby Hill! (she isn't finding out the gender)
I thought they turned out so cute, and she loved them too! Oh, another surprise... I went to Harris Teeter and found (dun dun dunnn) canned pumpkin!!! It was the organic brand, they do not have the regular in yet, but of course I had to buy a can!!! I cannot tell you how much I am craving everything pumpkin, cinnamon & spices. Hurry up fall!!! Jaime & Erik came to stay the night with me so I had to get some cleaning done. Wow, my apartment feels so much better now. Not to mention all the laundry that I did as well! I love checking things off of a list and feeling such an accomplishment! Now I'm off to body pump with my friend Sarah! It always makes me feel so good when I leave... and tomorrow we're going to yoga. Hopefully this will take care of this ridiculous carb craving/eating I've been doing this week. It HAS to stop. I am about to turn into a piece of pasta!!!


  1. I must've missed something...you havn't been able to find canned pumpkin?

    The dress is adorable!

    Hope you have a great time at the gym!

  2. The dress is completely fabulous!! But I most love the stickers!!! I love.adore.worship them.

  3. Brooke, are Marisa & Jason expecting or is that another Hill couple?

  4. Bink - Thank you! If you or anyone is ever interested I do them for $5 a sheet (# of stickers depends on their size)

    Brittan - Yes! Marissa & Jason are expecting :)

  5. Those stickers are too cute! And I totally remember you on Amazing Race! My hubby and I are addicted to that show. I'm so jealous you got to do it, I bet it was amazing! Following you now!

  6. you and me both girl...i love canned pumpkin. if you take a cup of vanilla pudding and some cinnamon and nutmeg it is a delicious snack. during fall and winter i have it like every day (sometimes twice). oh and you MUST run to Target and get the pumpkin spice hershey kisses.

  7. Those stickers are fabulous! Next time I throw a party, I must remember that you do this!