Catching up... Day 10, 11, & 12!

Day 10: A Photo Over 10 Years Ago of You

Maybe 5 or 6 years old??
Day 11: A Photo of You Recently
I thought I'd add a photo I haven't included on my blog. Most of the photos I take every weekend end up on my blog and this one hasn't. A few weeks ago I took some photos for a stock photography company in New York, it was lots of fun! Here is one of the photos.

Day 12: Something You Are OCD About
Well well... let's see. Ok I am OCD about my morning routine! I do not like it messed up! I do pretty much the exact same thing every morning. This is how it goes.

-Wake up and grunt and roll around in my bed for about a minute before I get out. Sometimes I check my email on my phone before I decide to turn on the light.
-Make up my bed (NECESSARY!) and turn on the morning news, NBC because the Today Show follows.
-Go in the living room and turn on the same channel in there.
-Go in the kitchen and make my coffee.
-Take my shower
-Go through my routine of skin products and hair products.
-Dry and style hair
-Pick out what to wear if I hadn't thought about it the night before.
-Make my breakfast, typically oatmeal.
-Throw something in my lunch box, mostly soup and my water bottle with some Emergen-C packets.
-Prepare my 2nd cup of coffee to take with me to work.
-Brush my teeth and grab my purse
-Grab my cup of coffee and lunchbox and head out the door!

Same. routine. every. day. And I love it!!

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