Day 13, 14 & 15

Catching up once again... the next two days are pretty BORING if you ask me!
13) Fictional Book
14) Non Fictional book...

Fictional book...  I read one book all summer and have already blogged about it as "Favorite Book" in this 30 day blog challenge. I can't say I've read any others! :(

Non-Fictional Book... Do magazines count?? I'm pretty sure the majority of my celebrity gossip is non-fiction :)

Ahhh hello Day 15 :)

Your Dream House... well let's just say that I've already found it. It's on Sullivan's Island, Station 29, The green house about a block from the ocean and... It's for sale for just a measly couple of million. I'm so in love with the porches! While I don't have a photo of one particular house to share, I thought I'd just peruse through some homes online and show my favorite styles!

What can I say... I have great taste! :) Obviously this is not a reality right now. But it's something to aspire to! In the meantime, I'll just keep on dreaming and working hard!

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