Day 2: Your Favorite Movie

Like the last question, I cannot pick just one. So I am going to list my top 5 favorite movies!

1. Dirty Dancing... "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!" -The Swayz enough said!

2. Shag... "Don't play hard to get, you might miss something" Great music, filmed in Myrtle Beach, and it makes me wish I knew how to shag like they do!

3. Almost Famous... "We're not groupies, we're bandaids" Ahhh one of the greatest movies of all time! Love Kate Hudson, love love love!

4. Legally Blonde... "whoever said orange was the new pink, was seriously disturbed" Elle Woods was my role model when this movie first came out! I'm pretty sure I had a wardrobe that was mainly pink, including the silver heart necklace she sports in the film. It's one of those I can always watch and be put in a great mood! Blondes are not dumb!

5. Top Gun... "I feel the need... the need for speed!" Maverick, Goose, Iceman, Wolfman, Stinger, Viper... no other movie has such great names! And great music... "Take My Breath Away" classic!


  1. I love Shag!! I have it on DVD and it surprising how many people don't know it! I have not seen Almost Famous and I knwo I need too. We are very similar with our likes! ;)

  2. Brooke I will have to get a couple of these, Legally Blonde is so fun!!

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  3. I feel the need for a Sunday afternoon movie marathon like we use to do...Legally Blonde, Top Gun, and Sweet Home Alabama to name a few or...a trip to Starbucks and an afternoon of Carly Simon's concert on Martha's Vineyard