Meet Punky the Pumpkin!

Sunday night when I went to the grocery store I made a random decision to buy a pumpkin and do a little carving! More importantly, pumpkin carving = pumpkin seed roasting! Last night Brice came over and we decided we would name him punky the pumpkin! Or as I like to call him punky the punkin! I don't like scary pumpkins so I had to do my traditional happy pumpkin face :) I thought I would share some photos!

After we took this we realized we should have set up the self timer...duh!!

cutting with such precision

Cleaning out the guts!!

My favorite part!!! :)a

seeds... can't wait to eat you!

Punky & me

Brice & Punky

All done! What a happy little pumpkin!
I cleaned my pumpkin seeds and set them out to dry over night. Tonight I'm planning on seasoning and roasting them. I've seen several recipes for roasting. Tossing them in butter with salt or garlic salt, and then there are spicy versions too. Does anyone have suggestions or tips?


  1. so cute!! we always do just simple simple butter and salt on our pumpkin seeds! yum!

  2. Your punkin is so perfect! It belongs in a Real Simple magazine! :) My hubby and I like to eat our pumpkin seeds with olive oil, garlic salt, and a little bit of cayenne!

  3. haha that first picture cracks me up. you guys made some perfect pumpkins! i can't wait to roast seeds soon!

  4. What a Martha Stewart-esque pumpkin! I just wrapped a pumpkin unit with my first graders and they went crazy over the seeds! Ha!

  5. Punky is so cute! You've inspired me to carve a pumpkin this year, I wasn't going to since we will be out of town, but roasted seeds sound far too good not to give it a go. I would try a spicy version of roasted seeds for something fun! If you don't like it, you can just get punky a friend and roast them the good old fashioned way.

  6. Love your pumpkin!! I need to get to carving :)