Playing Catch Up!

I've been MIA from the blogging world recently. Sorry about that! My life has consisted of working all day, then coming home and continuing to work on my second job, design. I've been working on some wedding programs for a friend and boy are they time consuming! But I've really enjoyed it and love how beautiful they have turned out! I promise to post photos of the finished product later this week. For some odd reason, sitting at a desk makes me feel like I need to snack on occasion, this is not good! So typically to get over my craving for a snack I just have some pickles. Well, I noticed that this jar of pickles was not near as full as it was when I started...

Who am I Snooki?! I mean, my parents call me "Snookie" (oo pronounced) thats close enough we don't need to get closer with the pickles!!

Not ok! I quickly placed the jar back into the refrigerator and mosied (sp?!) on along with my work!

{NOTE: This is about to be the most random blog post EVER}

Since we're on the snacking topic, lets talk about how lame I am. I drove all the way to Target, in the RAIN just because I couldn't stand it any longer until I got my hands on a bag of these little sweet things:
Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses!
 They are delicious. Pumpkin spice flavored white chocolate with a cinnamon-y center! They're very sweet, which to me is a good thing because I only eat about one a day.

While we're in the sweets department... I was at Brice's house last week for lunch and I spotted a bag of Pecan Pie flavored glazed Pecans. Holy moly.... I had to try one! Being nice, I only got one little one out of the bag because I didn't know who's they were and didn't want to steal anybody's goodies! They were amazing! From this point forward I could think of nothing except this little taste of heaven. I was on a mission. I scoured grocery stores until I finally found them (2 bags left on the shelf) at the Harris Teeter on Houston Northcutt Blvd. in Mount Pleasant.

And who would've thought... on my way out of the grocery store I spotted THIS:
Yes, Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Peanut Butter! AHH! It's heaven in a jar! I love cinnamon and I love peanut butter. And yes, I mix them together anyways quite a bit! I think this would be delicious on apples or in oatmeal.
Last week was pretty much the week of FOOD. With this wonderful fall weather we have had (and especially the snuggly rainy days last week) it has inspired me to begin learning to cook meals that I loved my mom cooking growing up. I know Brice appreciates this kind of cooking as well so I thought I'd try one recipe a week. Last week: country fried steak & gravy. It was a success! We had country fried steak, gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls! Not the healthiest, but I believe in NOT completely depriving yourself of yummy food that you love. Just learn to portion control, which I'm not so sure Brice has gotten the concept of quite yet! haha! Please check out his plate! Gravy, gravy, gravy, slab of butter, gravy... oh, hello green beans!

We ended this crazy week of eating with a crazy weekend of eating at my parents house in Columbia. I did not feel my stomach growl, or an ounce of hunger the entire weekend. It was all very delicious and I know my mom just loves to feed people (as most southern women do!) But really... I am SO looking forward to body pump on Wednesday!!

Ok, enough with all of this food stuff I am getting sick thinking about it. We ventured up to Greenville, SC on Saturday morning to visit with Jaime and new sweet baby Harper! I could not get enough of him and didn't want to put him down! He is the most well behaved baby. He didn't cry or make a sound the entire time we were at Wild Wings with a bunch of football games on and people around. Of course, being the proud "aunt" that I am I took a ton of pictures!

Love baby feet!

Look how tiny his hand is on Brice's!

Proud Mama!!

After a busy weekend, I found Brice and Sophie passed out on the couch Sunday afternoon! Nothin better than a Sunday afternoon nap!


  1. Mmm I love Peanut Butter and Co. They have fast-food type restaurants too. Love love those cutie baby toes!

  2. i could eat a bag of the pumpkin spice hershey kisses in one sitting. seriously. and the candy corn ones are dee-lish too!

  3. Omg I need to try these Kisses immediately!!!

  4. Brice's plate cracks me up!!

    Harper is so stinking cute!! Y'all had a great weekend!!

  5. omg i'm in love with all the food on this post!! i need to try those hershey kisses immediately. i think i saw caramel apple kisses too. so random! i miiiiiiight be running over to publix on my lunch break for these. and CRS pb is the best!

  6. Those pumpkin spice Hershey kisses sound delicious! I love all of the pictures of Harper-too cute!

  7. I love your blog!! Can you tell me what camera you use? It takes wonderful pictures!