Weekend Recap!

This weekend was pretty low key, although we did have a full schedule! Friday night was awesome, it finally got really cold outside, which I was so happy about since during the week it had still stayed pretty warm. Our friends Anna & Cole came in town to have their engagement pictures taken on Friday with Courtney. Courtney went to high school with me, and is now an amazing photographer. To me, she's right up there on the same level as photographers who have been practicing photography for years and years. Here are two that I love.

That night, we all got together at Brice's house for a little steak & red wine! One of our favorite things to do once it is cool at night is have a fire pit in the back yard, drink red wine & grill out steaks! I used some of my Tastefully Simple seasoned salt on the steaks as well as the asparagus and holy moly it was amazing!! I even put it on my eggs the next morning! Cole had a bright idea to "ice" Anna... and it worked! haha!
Saturday was filled with football... literally. Brice didn't leave his chair. He said "I'm not moving all day". So Anna and I decided to go get a latte! I came back and then fell asleep for a bit until it was time to get ready and head downtown.
 We met up with Meghan, Mary, Courtney & Rachel at Midtown where we attended a birthday celebration and got some free food & drinks! When it's free... I'm there!
Brice and I decided to go on a little venture on Sunday and found a park off of Longpoint Road. We had fun roaming around and looking at all of the beautiful scenery, and taking lots of photos of each other! haha
I've got a nice little week ahead! I bought a pumpkin tonight so we're going to carve it tomorrow! Can't wait to roast those seeds! YUM! :)


  1. Love the cute pics! I ordered some stuff from Tastefully Simple! Can't wait to receive it!!

  2. The pics from your Sunday adventure are so cute! It looks like ya'll always have so much fun together.

  3. Looks like a fun weekend! I made your mom's tomato bisque this weekend and it was fabulous!! Everyone loved it!

  4. Those pictures of you and Brice are presch!

    PS - made your tomato bisque soup yesterday - YUM!

  5. I love that park! We take Emma (the dog) there all the time. She likes to jump off the boardwalk in to the mud--awesome.