Weekly Random Ramblings...

This week has actually flown by. I've been so busy with work and stuff to do outside of work that I haven't completely kept up with my blog other than my "30 Day Blog Challenge" posts (which, might I add... I'm very proud of myself for keeping up with!) Some things that have happened to me this week:

1) I realized I drink copious amounts of Emergen-C... it's almost like my second dose of coffee everyday only it isn't coffee. I also found out it's a great way to prevent me from snacking at work! Instead, I run to the bathroom every 5 minutes... which is annoying, but hey, at least I'm hydrated!
Emergen-C = my new BFF
2) I'm sneakier than I thought! I always think I'm going to get caught being sneaky but this week I successfully snuck in Chick-Fil-A to Giuseppi's Trivia Night! AND I have more self control than I thought. I did NOT order waffle fries!!! Also, I did NOT eat any of Brice's pizza! It was torture... I had pizza to my left, alfredo to my right... carbs galore and I didn't get any of it. :(

3) I am trying to experiment with curling my hair. Last winter when Carrie Underwood got engaged and this photo was plastered all over the internet
I thought "woah that is a HUGE rock" and then immediately switched my thoughts to "omg I want her hair!" After several attempts at curling my hair with a traditional curling iron I finally gave up and purchased a Remington Curling Wand.
I gave it a try this morning and I think I really like this new gadget! Of course, over time I will get better with using it. But not too bad for my first time at 7 am half asleep!
It looks better in person, you can see the curl a lot better!

4) InStyle Magazine and People StyleWatch should hire me as a freelance designer. Please take a look at this horrible clipping path/mask!

If you are not familiar of what a clipping path is... it's basically cutting out an object to place it over another. In this case, placing Rachel McAdams over the "InStyle" heading. They should have used a mask and clipped around her hair more delicately so you could see the red peeping though... instead it looks like they cut it out with a pair of scissors and pasted it over. YUCK. Also, on the People StyleWatch cover, Carrie's photo is horribly pixelated and grainy. Must not have been a hi-res! tsk tsk... (You can't see it in this photo, but look at it in the stores)

5) I love roasted pumpkin seeds! I roasted the seeds that came out of my pumpkin I carved with Brice Monday night. I tossed them in some melted butter, mixed with a little kosher salt and Tastefully Simple Seasoned Salt. Spread them on a cookie sheet and baked them in the oven on 350* for about 30 minutes! DELISH! I've been snacking on them at work all week!

6) I love creating calling cards, I delivered these to Caroline tonight! Love them! (I blurred out some of the information... which is why it may look funny!)
Ready for a fun filled weekend with Brice's family followed by the Darius Rucker concert and fair food!! YUM! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. I always love calling cards -- the ones you made are super cute

  2. I can never get my hair to curl like Carrie's--- I'm going to buy that curling wand today!! Your hair looks fab!

  3. I love emergen-c too! How many packets do you put in your water bottle? I always say running to the ladies room is my cardio lol I spend most of the day in there :O)

    I love the calling cards - do you have a website? etsy?

    Your hair is super cute - I have always been hopeless with a curling iron.

  4. Your hair looks awesome!! I wish mine would curl!! I gave you an award on my blog today!!

  5. holy moly i am SO proud of you for #2. sneaking in chickfila is a GREAT idea. i've thought about doing that at cinebarre. is that bad? haha. love the curly hair. also, the clipping/mag cover thing is so interesting - i would have never noticed! i'm impressed!

  6. New follower here!!! Love it so far.

    I can't decide if I should grow out my hair simply for the slight curled look. Decisions Decision.

  7. your hair looks super cute! annnnd i live for emergen-cee. what's your favorite flavor?

  8. you need an etsy store asap!!! Harper misses you! We are going to the pumpkin patch this weekend and going on a hayride. I will take pictures for you! hehe

  9. you did amazing curling your hair. I wish I could get mine to look like Carrie's! I love it!