Birthday Update!

So I know it's been quite a while since I've posted anything, I'm so sorry about that! Last week was insanely busy between work, the gym, birthday festivities, and preparing for the weekend. On my actual birthday, which was last Tuesday, Brice came over and cooked me an amazing dinner! This was his first time cooking for me away from the grill and other than scrambled eggs :)

He did a great job, and chose a pasta (my favorite) dish that he sort of made up himself! He made a red wine/alfredo sauce which he poured over linguine and baked chicken. I cannot remember the exact recipe for the sauce, but I can tell you what it consisted of:

•diced onion
•better than boulion (chicken flavor)
•heavy whipping cream
•parmesan cheese
•salt & pepper of course!

Of course I had to stick my nose in everything and say "you should use this...", "now make sure you do this first..." he had to say "you just go sit down and let me cook!" Sounds like something I say to my mom when I try to do something! haha

Birthday girl, looking all tired and frazzled from a long day of work!
He also surprised me with this gorgeous little gem :)

Michael Kors = MY FAVORITE!!!!
I'd been pining over this watch for a while now! I love ANYTHING Michael Kors!

Friday night we ventured to Columbia for my birthday festivities with my family. Dinner consisted of steak, sweet potato, salad & RED VELVET CAKE :) heavennnn!

I had a fantastic birthday, thank you to all of my friends and family for making it so special! :)

We also had fun with Sophie of course!!

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