Day 18 & Weekend Recap!

Day 18: My Wedding
WOAH, ok this is one of my favorite topics of all time! I love weddings! Only I haven't had mine yet so I can't really talk about it... ok that's a lie, I totally have my wedding planned and have had it planned since I was about 5. I'm not kidding! Without giving away any details I will just say that it will be in Charleston, VERY Southern, there WILL be shrimp & grits, a great band and it will be a TON of fun! The rest will be for you to find out when the day eventually arrives! In the meantime, if you love weddings as much as I do... enjoy your new obsession: www.stylemepretty.com. You're welcome!

On to the weekend! We ventured to Columbia for the USC vs. Tennessee game on Saturday. We didn't have tickets but enjoyed tailgating and watching the game on a nearby tv. This year was quite different from other years that we played Tennessee. I had prepared myself to be very annoyed by a sea of hideous orange (hideous because it is an ugly yellow orange that does not complement anyone's complexion!) and be deafened by the sounds of Rocky Top. This did not happen this year. Crazy! Anyways... we enjoyed a nice little tailgate with my parents and their friends at Carolina Walk. They had quite the set up! 3 tents, a grill which they prepared french toast, sausage, bacon & hash browns. Let's not forget the other yummy foods such as breakfast casserole, monkey bread, cookies, and pigs in a blanket! Oh, and bloody mary's and mimosas of course!

 We probably should have stayed here instead of heading to the post college frat lot! We did have a lot of fun though, and it's always so great when we get a big group together! Kudos to Brice & Al for putting up with all of us girls!

We didn't dress up this year, or last year... are we getting old or do people just not have Halloween parties anymore? I miss the days of dressing up! Brice and I made it back home in time to watch Auburn beat Ole Miss and continue their winning streak, they are still undefeated! However, I'm not quite sure how they dropped from #1 to #2? That's ridiculous if you ask me!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween! Now bring on November... aka MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!! :) woohoo!


  1. I love the fact that your mom had a gourmet tailgate...so Mrs. jackson!! I wish I was there to party with yall!! Next year! :)

  2. your mom is too cute!! speaking of moms... my mama and i were talking about doing "amazing race" together... i may shoot you an email to pick your brain!

  3. I'm new to your blog and I just want to say that I love your hair! Is it layered alot? I need to know how you got it to look that way :).

  4. A breakfast tailgate--how fun. Your mother is a cutie.

  5. Amber - Thank you! No, it isn't layerd a lot at all. I actually try to keep the layers at a minimum because I have such thin hair! I think my hair stylist puts most of the layers in the back since my hair is thicker there. :)