Day 19

I know I've been the slackest person in the world with this 30 day blog challenge thing! There are just some days where I don't have time or I just don't feel like blogging! So I am just going to take my time with it and I will finish it when I finish it :)

Day 19: A Talent of Yours

I can't really say I have a "talent".  I am pretty sure most things that I do and some people would consider a "talent"... is only because I've been trained in it. My major in college was Studio Art and my focus was painting & graphic design. I also took courses in drawing, printmaking, 3D art, sculpture and ceramics. But if I had to say I had a talent it would have to be in this area considering the fact that I've loved art since I could hold a pencil! (my parents still have my first "sketchbook") But I don't really think I have any rare talents by any means!

I promise to keep up with my blog a little better this week :0)

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