Jenny & Chanan's Engagement Party!

Saturday we headed up to Spartanburg for Jenny & Chanan's engagement party! We have all been excited about this weekend for a while. It's so great when all of us can get together because not all of us live in Charleston. We were also very excited to wear our dresses!! My mom made me a dress to wear,  and I got tons of compliments! Thank you Mamma! :)

 We stayed with Kira & Al in Greenville. Love them together!! I am constantly laughing when I am with these two!
The party was gorgeous, and there were SO many people! I wish we could do parties like this every weekend!
Brice and me
With Haley & Kira
With the beautiful bride to be!!
The future Mr. & Mrs. Cole :)
Between Brice and I, we have 12 friends getting married in the next year! INSANE! But the good thing is, we'll have a lot more fun parties to attend! I just hope none of them collide! :(


  1. I love this post and I love my beautiful little bridesmaid, Brookie Pooh!! :)

  2. you look gorgeous!! is that a dress or a top / skirt?? and also.. where did you find it?? i must have it!

  3. Thank you! My mom actually made it for me, it's originally a dress, but we put two separate patterns together to make a skirt and top, with sash :)

  4. Your dress is gorgeous!Your mom needs to start making dresses and sell them at my store...my goodness, she is TALENTED. I wish I could sew!!!

  5. Your dress is amazing!! WOW about the 12 weddings...I had that a few summers ago! Yay for the fun parties!

  6. Love your dress! I can't believe your mom made that you lucky duck!! It is gorgeous! and the best thing about all your upcoming weddings and parties is it is a great excuse to get dressed up and maybe treat yourself to some new dresses:)

  7. You Look Very Nice, Your Dressing Superb