Weekend Recap: Last Night at Off the Hook! :(

 Friday night Brice and I decided we didn't want to do ANYTHING! We were saving up for Saturday night, which would be the "last night at Off the Hook". Off the Hook is/was one of our favorite places on Sullivan's Island, primarily to go out on Saturday summer nights! DJ C.Nile plays every weekend and it's such a fun/beachy atmosphere! We got the news a week or two ago that they would be closing, so of course we planned to all go out for one last hoo-rah! On the bright side... word has it that it's going to be a Taco Boy!

We had a nice little get together at one of Brice's friends houses before heading on over.  We also said "we will not stay that long, it will probably get too crowded and we will want to leave". Not so much... we had a nice little corner booth aka our dancing space!

Today we decided to have a "Brice and Brooke adventure day!" We like to do this on Sunday afternoons during the fall and winter. Obviously in the summer we go to the beach! Today we decided to venture over to John's Island and see the Angel Oak. The Angel Oak is around 300-400 years old and is MASSIVE!

Look hard and you can see me standing in front of the tree!
tree limbs!
Then we ventured downtown so I could find the church I have been wanting to attend! I finally found it so we are planning to start going in a few weeks! Perfect timing for Christmas!
So pretty!!
We ventured down a little cobblestone street because they are my favorite!

I just love getting lost downtown... you find the best little secret places! Only problem... when a carriage stopped right in front of us and the horse just let it all out... I almost threw up!


  1. Sounds like yall had a great weekend! I love Charleston.

  2. so sad when your favorite place closes!! but it looks like you closed it well!!

  3. Looks like y'all had a blast!! :)

    Btw, I was wondering if you could help me out a bit. I'm going to be coming to Charleston in 2 weeks or so for a couple days to visit and was wondering where are good places to hangout... bars, restaurants, etc. for people in their twenties to early thirties? Looking to meet some people there to hang out with, as I might move to Charleston this summer! If you could help me, I'd truly appreciate it! Thanks so much!