Christmas Party Part 2

I had to post these photos I loved them so much.

We love some karaoke!

I mean, we are serious about karaoke! Pretty sure we were singing "All I Want for Christmas is You"

And "The Carlton" one of my all time favorite dances

Ahhh had to share. Thanks for these amazing photos Courtney! 

Love my friends, we always have such a great time!
And thanks to this little product I went from Snow White to tan (tan for the winter - not snooki tan) in about 5 minutes! This is one of the greatest products of all time!
LORAC TANtalizer. It comes in a larger tube, but I like this small one. A little goes a LONG way and this size is only $10. Go buy this pronto for your New Years party! Has a little shimmer to it as well - which I love!

Christmas Party #3 Complete!

As many of you may know Saturday night we had our LAST Christmas party of the year. It was a lot of fun... ended the night with a little karaoke (pics to come (maybe) once one of my friends posts them on facebook!) Somehow, I believe the best nights always end in a little karaoke sesh.

Some pics to recap the evening...

And then this happened... the Elaine

ahhh I love my friends!


Christmas Party #1!

Last night our group of friends all got together for a little Chinese Gift Exchange. If no one knows what that is allow me to explain.

You set a price limit (ours being $20) and everyone brings a gift (good gift or a joke). Everyone draws a number and this is the order you pick your gifts. For example #1 goes first... picks a gift and opens it. #2 can either take #1's gift or pick one to open. And so forth. Whoever opens the last gift has it really good... because she can pick ANYONE'S gift or get the last one.

We had so much fun - thought I'd share a few pictures from the evening!

The beautiful tree with our little gifts underneath!

Wore my new Christmas shoes! :) They're heels you just can't really see them in this picture.

Mister Holden dressed up as Santa!

Amanda & Mary, posing with the Twilight napkin...

Holden & his Mommy!

Drawing numbers!

Ha!! Heather's gifts got stolen twice... she had a lot of presents to open!

Courtney opening her gift...

Everyone! Thank goodness for self timers!


What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Been a little on the MIA side this week but that's only because I did absolutely NOTHING this weekend - and loved every minute of it. So, not too much to post about. However in the upcoming days I've got lots of fun activities.

On to What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

One of my bridesmaids, Ashley, sent me this picture of a clip on flower for my shoes. This would obviously be my "something blue". I MUST HAVE THIS!!!!

It's just SO cute and so me... you can find them on Etsy HERE

It's pretty clear that Michael Kors is my favorite designer... I have 4 purses, a watch and I can go up to any shoe display or clothes display saying "OOHHH I NEED THIS" without even having the slightest clue it's Michael Kors until I look at the tag. I don't even look at other designers bags - Michael is the only designer for me :) I believe this is going to be the next purse on my list - simple and classic, the medium Grayson Logo Satchel.

Cookies & Milk in a champagne flute... it just makes it more fun!

Trader Joe's Sipping Chocolate - YUM! Go buy this now if you like/love Chocolate!! This puts Nestle and Swiss Miss to SHAME.

Please excuse my ugly cuticle. Nails are so dry and gross in the winter. Need manicure asap.

CARRIE. Duh, I want her hair and makeup... and legs... and dress... and earrings...
Stop being so perfect Carrie!!! jk I love you!

Ok and last but not least remember this little dress??

Ok well I need y'alls help. If I'm going to wear this Saturday I have GOT to figure out the following:

*What type of earrings to wear?
*Shoes? I have gold strappy shoes??

This is so frustrating... the turquoise is throwing me off. My gold sequin dress is much easier to accessorize!!

Happy Wednesday!


What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Is it Friday yet? I'm so looking forward to the fact that I have absolutely NOTHING on my calendar for this weekend. Well, except for RELAXING! Cannot wait!

So onto What I'm Loving this Wednesday, December 7th.

I'm loving the fact that I have THREE Christmas parties next week! Super pumped about that. My friends and I are having a Secret Santa gift exchange and dinner on Wednesday, I have Brice's Palmetto Society party on Thursday, and Saturday my friend Kira & her roomies are throwing a big Christmas cocktail shindig - in which I get to wear sparkle, my favorite!

This is what I'm thinking about wearing...

I wore this in 10th grade for a high school pagent... except we attached a big peacock tail to it for a mardi gras theme. This was not "the" pageant dress. But look how festive it is for Christmas! Now I just have to figure out my jewelry.

Here is the back... I love how it is open.

I did think about wearing this little gold number from New Years a couple of years ago, but thought I'd go with something a little different. Unless of course I change my mind last minute!

What can I say, I love to sparkle!

I am loving my sparkly nails right now. Hard to tell in the pic but they are shining all over the place. This is OPI in "Dear Santa"

Yeah, you really can't see the sparkle in this pic... :( oh well.

Another addition to all of this Christmas festiveness would be these cute little heels my mom bought me! I'm going to have to put an outfit together around these puppies for one of the parties.

I'm also loving this sideways cross necklace I won on a giveway hosted by Sweet Southern Prep!

This necklace is by Gems in Vogue. Check out their etsy page HERE! And here is another pic with Kelly Ripa sporting the sideways cross necklace. You can see it better here.

I'd also like to say I'm loving the progress on Hwy 17 in Mt. P. Ok, so we have a long way to go...but yesterday morning I noticed this bridge that just popped up over night...

I'm pretty sure everyone that lives or works in Mt. P is so OVER this construction! And anyone that doesn't live or work here just completely avoids the area. I don't blame you. I am so tired of looking at orange cones. But... better get used to it it's going to be 2013 before it's over! yuck. I'm hoping it will all be well worth it.

Lastly, who watched the ACA awards Monday night?? Ok, I think it was Monday. My days are all screwed up. Anyways... how cute was Carrie? I mean, this comes as no shock to me.

She was like a little pink cupcake. And I never would have been able to pull off those shoes with that dress - but she can because she is Carrie! Love her and I'm still working on legs like that... how does she do it?! I know her workout moves and I do a lot of the same ones with Jillian. Maybe it's just not in my genes. Or maybe it's because I sit at a desk all day instead of running around on tours and working with personal trainers. IDK.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday! It's hump day! Woo!


It's Tacky Christmas Sweater Time!!!

So this weekend Brice and I headed to Atlanta for his family's annual Christmas party. This year, they decided to go with a theme. Of course, that would be


Oh yeah... it was quite the event. There was some serious tackyness going on! Let's recap shall we...

Please check out this pose... as well as that sweater! Holy mock turtle. Oh, and Santa's beard had it's own texture of fluffiness. It's amazing!

Brice and me with Santa & Mrs. Clause! (I really hope someone prefaced Santa that this was a tacky sweater party... otherwise he probably thought we were just a bunch of nuts!)

Allison & Brice... ok, is Allison not Deb from Napoleon Dynamite?! haha!! Oh, and that turtle neck is too stylish for words. We call this pose their "Walmart ad".

The Sprayberry clan! Yes - this will be my immediate family in July... ALL of them! Going frrom my little family of 3 to 14! Love them all!

Erry-one... ok this is the Glenn family & the Sprayberry family.

My future nephew... I'm so in love with you Sammie!! (Shea, I stole this from your facebook...  hope you don't mind! :) ) He is 1.5 pounds!

We did a Chinese Gift Exchange... look at this amazing gift I got! I had to take a picture as soon as I got home and hung it up. Allison's boyfriend, Shannon, painted this picture.

How precious is this?! Can we please talk about this boys talent. He is also in an amazing band, Echoing Angels. Go HERE to their web site. Go HERE to purchase their cd from Amazon! It's SO GOOD!! I promise, you will love.

Oh, and THIS HAPPENED by the end of the night.

Well, my girl Carrie is about to be on the ACA awards. Gotta run! Toots!

PS. Why does Carrie not have a Twitter? I guess she doesn't like to get sucked into the other social media that the rest of us do... and she would probably get annoyed with me mentioning her in my tweets. All the time.


Super Random Post... Catching up!

Being slack as always of course. Thanksgiving went by WAY too fast and I am already ready for my Christmas break... although I'm not ready for the holiday season to be over quite yet!

This may be a long post... going to catch up a little.

As promised... here are a few more of my favorite engagement photos. Ahhh cannot wait to have some of these printed and put into frames! {christmas presents??}

I thought Sophie would enjoy getting festive for the holidays with me... so I put her in her reindeer costume!

She was not amused.

I found this little gem whilst perusing in my moms collection of cook books...

Oh yeah... get ready for some blog posts on Barbie's recipes! I may even cook Brice this little cuisine one night... lucky him!

haha! I love the scene set up... funny thing is I had most of the Barbies featured in this book. LOVE me some Barbie. Super jealous of her wardrobe... and the amount of volume her hair has on a regular basis.

Oh, let's not forget that my GAMECOCKS beat Clemson for the 3rd year in a row! I like this new logo...

heheheh... GO COCKS!

Last night, Brice and I decorated for Christmas! I really CANNOT WAIT for us to have our own house next year and have a REAL tree that smells so good!! Brice claims this tree can be an AUBURN tree... I'm pretty sure it won't! haha Not unless it's upstairs in a game room or something. If we're so lucky to have one!

I gave Brice this little Christmas ornament :) Our first! 

Here's a little pic of the final product!

This weekend we have a Christmas party with Brice's family. The theme you ask? Tacky Christmas Sweater of course! I actually found one already in my closet from oh, probably 5th grade. I used to wear it with stirrup pants... I'm sure that looked so pretty. I found this little headband to accompany my tacky sweater! $1 at Target!

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that last week I got two Christmas presents early. A new lens for my camera and a speedlight. I don't like the built in flash it makes everything too bright. So Brice and I decided to take a photo tour downtown! Some images from the day...

meanwhile... this is Brice


He's a good sport :)

I'm pretty sure I saw this lady in Target tonight.

Yes, that would be Ms. Carole King. I'm serious... I creepily followed this lady around for a good 30 minutes. I swear it was her. I even went to the cd section to get a cd and compare. She smiled at me as I passed... in case it in fact WAS her, I feel special :) Anyone know if Carole King is in Charleston or has a place here??

Ok that is all for now... going to fix some hot cocoa and then realize after watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show that I should in fact eat lettuce instead.