The Bachelor is BACK!

Monday nights have been SO depressing lately... there is nothing on but NFL football and that is the LAST thing that I am watching! This week, one of my favorite trashy tv shows came back. The Bachelor!

 I've heard many people that do not want to watch this season simply because they think Brad is such a jerk for not picking either girl the last time he was "The Bachelor". I have a different opinion on this matter. Why would he pick someone and give them a ring if he didn't have real feelings for them and he didn't know if he loved them or not? I actually admire him for what he did. I would not want to be given a diamond on national tv in front of millions of people and then go home and have him break up with me... which would lead to the awkward "after the rose" ceremony. Some people say, "he shouldn't have lead either of them on for so long". Well duh, he was under a contract. He couldn't just say "I quit".

Moving right along... of course this first episode had it's fair share of cheesy moments of Brad flitting around shirtless like a Baywatch episode. My personal favorite moment was when they had him dramatically coming up out of the water... I busted out laughing at this point!

I don't have that much to say considering this was only the first episode. But I do have some favorites. My favorite picks are Ashley and Emily.

Ashley reminds me of Kellie Pickler! Probably one reason I love her, Kellie Pickler is one of my favorite artists and I think we would be such good friends! Ashley just seems like such a down to earth person, and super sweet!

Emily is my other favorite. She lives in Charlotte and is by far the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She is a walking Barbie doll!! And the great thing is she is such a sweet person, she doesn't have a snooty attitude or think she is better than everyone. She also makes me so excited to go back to my summer blonde... :)
Let's talk WEIRDOS. Such as... vampire girl! Yes, a vampire. What a weirdo! Who would have vampire teeth? She looks normal right?

Look! You too can have fangs if you'd like! VAMPIRE FANGS, and here's a video demonstration!

I'd also like to point out the "manscaper". What a weird occupation. I'm pretty sure the last thing I'd find joy doing everyday is waxing nasty men's back/behind hair. sick! And I can't believe she waxed Brad's wrist. I would be so mad if I were him!

Cannot wait until next week, here's hoping for lots of drama! 


  1. the bachelor is my guilty pleasure too. i loved ashley, she seems so sweet. the fangs were jsut so strange to me. why would anyone do that to their teeth? im surprised brad kept her around

  2. Girl I love the Bachelor too,Emily is by far my favorite like you said she is gorgeous and sweet!!

  3. Being a NC girl myself Emily is certainly my favorite!

  4. Every season I tell myself that I'm not going to watch The Bachelor, but somehow I'm always caught up by the third episode or so. Ha, I'd really like to see the vampire girl in action, so I'm sure it will happen this time too.

    I couldn't catch the premiere this week because the Craigslist Killer movie was on - very, very good (and embarrassing that I watched it...).

  5. SOOOO happy The Bachelor is back on! I agree with you, Emily is so pretty and definitely the best on the show! And oh my, wasn't that vampire girl just a total nutjob?! Crazy!

  6. Love The Bachelor! So glad it's back on. I'm trying really hard not to read the spoilers this season!

  7. I love the Bachelor too!
    Emily and Ashley are definitely my favorites so far!

  8. Well, Ashley S. was originally from NC before moving to NY (she said), so I wondered if she and Kellie Pickler (also from NC) were sisters (maybe they don't know it)!