My first sewing project!

This weekend I went home for my dad's birthday and to make my first project with my sewing machine I got for Christmas! Over Christmas break my mom and I went shopping and picked out two patterns and material. I chose an apron and a clutch purse. My first one to tackle was the apron. It seemed the most simple.

Simple?! It has SO many more steps than I imagined. It isn't just sew here... then sew here... then sew here. It's special way's of doing certain steps, and being very meticulous. Of course I had the best teacher, my mom!

The pattern I chose was a Butterick retro pattern. {Pictured here}
I chose the yellow apron, only I didn't sew the little design onto it. I also chose an Amy Butler fabric from her Daisy Chain line. It's called "pressed flowers".  I LOVE Amy Butler fabric, it makes me smile :)

Here are some photos... I'm not showing anyone the picture I texted Brice last night with my pj's and my apron on! Horrible!

 I was really happy about learning to hem. It's A LOT tougher than it looks... especially when you have to sew along a curve like I did! {Please excuse my ugly nail... I need a manicure!}

I've already started making my clutch purse... will blog when it's finished! I have a feeling I'm going to be making a lot of them. Love clutches!!  Then... it's sundress time!! :)


  1. Looks like you did a fantastic job! I bought a sewing machine last year with xmas money but I havent made much. You are so lucky to have your mom as a teacher. Cant wait to see your next project :)

  2. You did a GREAT job! You better bet that when I first started sewing (and even still, sometimes), my hems did NOT look like that! These aprons would make wonderful gifts!

  3. Look awesome girl!! I have always wished that I could sew! cant wait to see what you create with sun dresses!!

  4. That fabric is so pretty! Good job! I want to learn to sew too!

  5. Awesome girl! i can;t sew worth a darn. How about we swap some food for some of your homemade clothes! I will take a skirt please! Lol! Seriously, love the fabric and great job!


  6. Awesome job! :)
    Glad I bumped into your blog - lovin' already!
    peace &love


  7. Hey cutie pie!! I am in LOVE with your apron!! You need an etsy shop asap, you could sell them by the dozens!! xoxo

  8. Congrats...it looks great...who is teaching you how to sew???

  9. Thanks everyone! My mom is teaching me to sew, the best teacher!