Banana Crazy!

Bear Naked Granola is my new favorite snack! I've tried it several other times but this time I have an obsession with one of the flavors. Banana Nut! It is SO good! There are pieces of dried banana, almonds and pecans in the mix. Honestly, I have a slight banana obsession... let's recap this morning:

*I had banana nut cheerios for breakfast
*I listened to Jack Johnson's "Banana Pancakes" on the way to work
*I'm snacking on Banana Nut granola
*My afternoon snack is none other than... a banana.

Wow... was I a monkey in my previous life?!


  1. You must have inherited that gene from moi! I had Banana Nut Cherrios with cut up banana for breakfast and...I have a banana for my lunch!

  2. I love the banana nut Bear Naked!

  3. get ready...as of february 28th, chickfila will be selling banana pudding milkshakes. oh yes...