Can't wait for the weekend!!

I checked the weather on my phone a few minutes ago, and this is what I saw...woohoo!

After having a rather chilly day yesterday I'm so glad the temperatures are climbing back up! It looks like the groundhog was right afterall! I'm looking forward to a laid back weekend at home in Columbia. I have a hair appointment on Saturday and am getting my SUMMER BLONDE back! I have been dying for the past month... the lowlights that have grown out look pretty hideous.

I'm not such a big fan of the "grown out" look that was apparently popular this year.

I'm also looking forward to Brice and I going for a "run" on the dam! He runs everyday, but I've never been able to run very far... yes, I realize that with time I could do it but I really just prefer body pump and intervals on the treadmill or elliptical. I enjoy run/walk's :) Runners don't hate me.

The Lake Murray Dam
As always I look forward to seeing my parents, yummy meals, washing my laundry for FREE, and my precious little sister SOPHIE!

On another random note, has anyone seen this picture of Steve Spurrier captured at the Daytona 500? It made my night when Brice posted it on my Facebook wall last night. Just hanging out with a Coors! I'm pretty sure he and my dad would be best friends!

Steve is keepin it real!

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