Lilly Obsessed.

The closer we get to spring... and the more warm days we have... the more I realize I daydream about Lilly! I'm even trying to come up with ideas in my head of how I can afford to buy more Lilly! {RueLaLa was a dream come true!} I find myself perusing the web site over and over again, multiple times a day. I thought I would share a {few} of my favorite items! Because if I could I would just post the entire catalog :)

My 2011 Summer Purse? Yes please!
I also realized they are coming out with a FURNITURE LINE... ok, I might have to redecorate! Ahhhh hurry up summer!!

Tomorrow it is supposed to be 80* and sunny here in Charleston and I couldn't be more excited about that! I've already painted my nails my summer OPI color {My Chihuahua Bites Me} and next weekend I am getting my summer blonde highlights! Now all I need is a tan! :(


  1. i am the same way right now! all i can do is listen to jimmy buffett, plan for my summer shoes, paint my nails summer colors, open the sunroof, etc....and it's only 50s in indiana. whoops!

  2. I live in Raleigh and we are supposed to be getting the first Lilly store in the country that will sell furniture! I actually want to move to Charleston though, so I might not be here to see it!

  3. I'm so glad it's starting to warm up so we can wear sundresses and bright happy clothes!

  4. I just went to Palm Avenue in Raleigh the other day and they were telling me about the furniture line! The owner of that store also owns the store on King St. here. I limited myself to one dress and it was perfect for the super amazing weather we had today though! I'll be buying more again soon I'm sure.